Does money really buy happiness?

 This is a question that many people ask themselves but no one can answer with certainty because people have different thoughts and different points of view.

For me money can buy things that can certainly make you happy, nobody has ever heard a person of much money say "hey it makes me sad to have so much money" that's a lie, having money is not bad.

If you want to travel and have money you can buy tickets for different countries and know different cultures, if you want to do something different you can launch yourself in parachute, if you want to eat something delicious you can go to a luxurious restaurant, if you want to have a nice car you can buy it and get it. If you are a woman and you want to have a more desired body you can perform some operations and that makes them really happy, or if they want new clothes, or new makeup. If you have children you can buy new toys, and you will be the happiest person in the world. If you are a man you can go to a World Cup game that is expensive and that would make you happy.

In short, there are many things that can make you happy, it is not money as such, but the things you can acquire with it.

Now we go with the negative part, money can not buy things that are not material, that is, can not buy LOVE, can not buy appreciation, can not buy friendship, can not buy love, or commitment. In fact, having so much money you will have more false friends around you, more false relationships, more false friends, there are even children who do not want the father or the mother at all but for their interest they always write to him.

In fact there are celebrities who have a lot of money but who already have everything they want and need that they do not have to do with money, so they start destroying their lives buying the most expensive drugs, or buying things that really hurt them.

Money comes and goes, you may have a lot of money in a moment and the days you are in bankruptcy, having money is not bad, bad is not knowing how to use it. If you have money invest, see fruit and profits and of course enjoy it, for that is, but always remember, money is not everything, there is nothing better than having true friendships, a couple who really loves you, and real relationships.


Money money money, it's quite something isn't it. I'm somebody who's had alot of money at one point and didn't have anything at another and I can boldly say that having money made me happy, but that was only because I had debts to pay and bills to cover, but on a grander scale of things, my happiest moments had nothing to do with having money whatsoever. It's the time I spent with friends and family that truly make me happy, whether or not money was there didn't change that fact.

Although I must say, it's far better to be laughing with friends while having lots of money in your bank account then laughing with them when you're broke so I'll pick having money any day any time. It's just that having money makes you feel more secure, it doesn't mean you're going to be happier, but it just means that you'll have more peace of mind when you have money.

There's something that the Jim Carrey said, he said that "Everybody should get to live their dreams and make lots of money so that they'll know that it's not the answer". He said this because that's what he'd done and despite the fact that he was rich and wealthy, it never brought him any true happiness.

Yes, I know it's easy to say that when you aren't thinking of how to pay rent, or your light bill or your kids school fees or your college tuition or whatever, but for someone who probably started out like all of us, struggling to make ends meet at one point in his life, then swimming in cash later to say that, then there has to be some truth in it.

I believe that smart people learn from their experiences, but only the wise learn from other people's experiences, so coupled together with the fact that money makes me feel secure, but not exactly happy, at least not nearly as happy as my friends and family do, and the fact that someone who's actually wealthy says so too, I'm going to have to say no, money doesn't buy happiness.

The thing with money is that the kind of happiness that we get from it is finite, it's only as much as the money we have and the truth is that when the money reduces, so will our happiness.

I hope this helps.


I see people are unhappy because they do not have enough money to meet their basic needs. When you have financial crisis and you cannot manage to fulfill your basic basic needs, you will see a lot of problems.

Even your parents start losing confidence on you. They do not believe you any more although once they believed in you, and they were very proud of you. Something happens in your life and you cannot support your family any more. In this situation you have to face such things that you might have never imagined even in your worst nightmare. 

All your family want is money. It is because there are lots of expense on a regular basis. And the present income is lower than expenses. It reaches to such extent, you cannot hold it any more. This is total disaster. 

Your girlfriend or wife might lease you and goes to stay with her parents only because you cannot support your family. It is not that she does not love you, she loves you very much. But when you have nothing to eat, this is totally different picture, my friend.

So does money really buy happiness?

Yes, it does sometimes. You can fix different problems in life with money. But the thing is, money is not the only thing that brings happiness in life. This is something connected to your mind, attitude and thought. 

Many people make a lot of money, but they are very unhappy. On the other hand, there are people who makes less money compared to them, but they are so happy in life. Happiness is something that comes from inside. If you are happy in life, that's it. You're successful. 


The saying says, 'money cannot buy happiness'. But another 'saying' appears, saying 'Those who say money cannot buy happiness, do not understand where to shop'. Others say, 'Anyone who says that money can't buy happiness is those who don't have money, or those who are very, very rich.' Which do you agree with? So, can money buy happiness?

A lot of research is being done to find the relationship between money and happiness. As expected, indeed when income increases, the level of happiness is higher. Those who still have to struggle to meet their basic needs have lower levels of happiness, compared to those who have higher income. This is evidenced by research from Betsy Stevenson and Justin Wolfers of the University of Michigan, who analyzed the relationship between happiness and income in the United States, ranging from income of US $10,000 to more than US $500,000 per year.

Only 35% of those who earn less than US $ 10,000 per year answer very happy with their lives. There are 55% of those who have US $ 50-75 thousand per year answering very happily with their lives. And those who earn more than US $ 500,000 per year, all (100%) answer very happy with their lives.

So, the conclusion is that money can buy happiness? Wait a minute. It turns out that if you dig deeper, there are still other factors that influence happiness related to money. Elizabeth Dunn, a professor of psychology at the University of British Columbia stated in her book 'Happy Money' that money can indeed buy happiness. And there are certain ways that money can buy happiness, regardless of the amount. How?

1. Spend money on experience, not goods

Neighbors just changed cars? Is your favorite program back to ending a new hijab? Favorite brands launch the latest and most sophisticated products? There are always things that make us tempted to buy it. But it turns out the results of the study speak, that purchases that are experiential provide a happy effect that lasts longer than the purchase of goods.

Experience can be a vacation, watching a concert, visiting a certain place or just trying new things that have never been done, eating in a new place for example. But we tend to prefer to spend money to buy goods because they think the item is more durable, while the experience is only experienced briefly and what remains is memory (and documentation of course).

2. Give to others

It turns out that giving / spending money for other people can make us happier. From the people who were made respondents, the research was then given money to spend on their own and spent on others, those who spend money on others feel happier, even though they themselves are poor.

3. 'Buy' time

The saying says 'Time is money', but actually time can be worth more than money. Spending money on something that will provide free time or productive time for family and friends is better than something material.

For example, instead of buying a large house on the outskirts of the city and then having to travel long distances to work, it is better to buy a small house / apartment in the middle of the city that is close to the center of activity. By buying a house / apartment in the middle of the city, it saves a lot of time and adds quality time with the family. Another example is paying other people to become assistants / household assistants to do all household chores.

4. Pay now, enjoy later

This concept is contrary to a credit card, where the purchased item is enjoyed first and then paid later when the bill arrives. With the principle of paying first and enjoying it later, when enjoying the purchase it will feel like 'free'. An example is planning a vacation in advance.

With vacation planning, tickets are purchased first and so are hotel accommodations / rooms booked and paid for in advance. When it's time to vacation, besides feeling like it's free, it's also not burdened with debts / bills received after the vacation is over.


No, but it's still good to have it! You can buy things that can make you happy, up until a certain point.

I've seen a lot of people working hard, spending every minute to make money and dreaming about how life would be once they are rich. This is good as long as you pay attention to this journey and don't neglect and disrespect people around you. You're going to need those people and not paying attention to them might end in loosing them.

There are certain things you can buy with money, no question about it but there are a lot of things you can't buy, no matter how much money you have.

You can't buy people, you can't buy friendships. Those people that can be bought with money will never going to be your friends, those will be with you as long as you have money, then they will move on and find someone else. Friendship or love must be built and maintained, can't be bought with money.

The other thing you can't buy with money is health. It helps a lot to have money and have the best healthcare you can get but there's a certain point when no matter how much money you have, you can't get a cure for your disease.

Happiness is a state of mind, not a place on earth, this is what I always say. At the end of the day I'd say money can't buy happiness or very little, up to a certain point. You can achieve happiness by being a good person, building relationships, helping others and so on.


Money cannot buy happiness. People, generally speaking, are happy or miserable.

Happy people are happy whether they are poor or wealthy. It is a decision you make rather than something that comes from outside of your person.

Unhappy people generally tend to think that if they only had X, or X and Y, their life would be so much better and they could be happy. Once they have X and Y, they realize that they aren’t any happier. So, maybe if they just have Z then they will find the happiness. It becomes a never-ending quest to fill that emptiness, the unhappiness.

With that in mind, money is just the vehicle that many people use to buy those things they think will make them happy. This is why money does not buy happiness. It is because the individual is generally an unhappy person. They would benefit greatly from coaching on how to enjoy life without spending.

The things that matter and bring fulfilment in life, such as having a purpose, spending time with loved ones, having the respect of the community, and other similar things, can be had whether you have much money or very little. These things can be appreciated and enjoyed no matter your station in life.

Having money, for a person who is generally happy anyway, eases many of life’s worries. Having enough to pay bills, buy the occasional gift, to take the children to a movie, have a vacation, . . . these things make it easier for the contented person to focus on the people and things that matter. In this case, money does not buy happiness. Rather, it is a buffer to the unhappiness of diverting attention to trivial matters.


I don't think it can buy happiness but it will give you choices.

having money will take some of the every day life stresses away but it won't bring happiness. It will help create choices like buying things and going on holiday. If you are not happy in your life it could actually make you unhappier showing what you are lacking or missing.

If you are a single person and have all the money in the world but haven't found that special person to share it with then it would feel kind of empty. I think it would definitely help you on your way to happiness but happiness is more than money.


Money can not buy happiness, money buys the things that make you "happy".

Money is just a paper currency, if you have millions right now in your bed, you would be happy, but not for having the money, but for thinking about all the things you could buy with that money.

Money does not buy happiness, it buys you things that can make you happy, but happiness is not obtained that way.


I don't think it will guarantee happiness but I would guess having a lot of money would put a lot of people at ease. Some people would be excited and they would start imagining ways to get rid of it. Others would sigh in relief knowing that their money trouble were over.


 Much has been said and  written about whether money makes people happy, and the conclusions  offered can differ radically, depending on which psychologists,  economists, or commentators we listen to. Indeed, the data are confusing  and contradictory, but I believe that I can offer some reasoned,  data-based conclusions


Truly, cash can get you happiness. The issue is that many individuals don't comprehend what they ought to purchase which will result in happiness. A great many people are spending their cash on things that aren't identified with long haul satisfaction. In this manner, many individuals aren't enhancing their ventures and buys for the objective of long haul satisfaction.

I as of late read the investigation, If Money Doesn't Make You Happy Then You Probably Aren't Spending It Right. The analysts behind this examination reveal and recognize a stunning detach and disappointment in the public eye. Individuals are settling on obtaining choices that don't convert into joy regular in its interest. From this, I began thinking about the progressing inconveniences found inside our general public where oblivious utilization runs uncontrolled. The issues run profound and are identified with over utilization as well as to life disappointment and by and large misery. For instance, youthful experts are feeling overpowered and many are attempting to adapt to the desires being set on them by society and their folks. Subsequently, youngsters are submitting suicide and youthful experts are getting to be discouraged – It's what I call, a Happiness Epidemic.

Half a month back, I unearthed a Facebook refresh from a companion inquiring:

"Who needs to go to the Mall with me? I require some retail treatment! ASAP!"

What's disturbing about this post is that this individual sincerely trusts that a spic and span match of shoes will really affect their feelings and make them upbeat. Even all the more disturbing this is the attitude of individuals everywhere throughout the nation and even better, the world over. Individuals with this attitude are being commended through associations, companies and the media all the time. Presently, this isn't an assault on enterprises or organizations. As an advertiser and business person, I perceive that organizations have an occupation to do and their activity is to profit. My issue isn't with enterprises endeavoring to build their primary concern. My issue in this universe of over-utilization is the absence of information we (customers) have with respect to what will really bring us satisfaction and what won't.

The investigation emphasizes the idea that cash can in truth purchase satisfaction. You read that right. Cash can purchase bliss. The issue is identified with the way that the vast majority aren't spending their cash on things that really convert into satisfaction. Individuals are making void speculations into items and administrations that have here and now impacts on their feelings instead of long haul impacts on their lives and joy.


Money never buy happiness.

Money can be bought anything. If you have money then you can easily buy any expensive things like cars, bikes and so on. But there is a thing which you can't buy with the help of money. This valuable thing is happiness. It is a feelings not a things which you can buy with the help of money.

Sometimes we see that the person who have a lots of money and he has not scarcity of anything. But he has not the main thing which needs a person a lot to live a prosperous life. Sometimes we see that the person who have not a hugh amount money but he lives a prosperous life. Because he has the most important thing which is happiness.

If a man have a hugh amount of money then the person mixed with many bad works. But if a person have enough to live a simple and prosperous then he do nothing bad works. Because a hugh amount of money is needed ro continue this bad works.

So, it is very easy to realise that money never buy happiness.


money and happiness are interrelated, but not as we thought before. Money does not directly affect the level of happiness, but money has an important contribution to happiness. How smart we spend money determines the level of happiness we can get. Suppose that 50,000 rupiah is used to buy lunch. Of course the skill of choosing a menu, or restaurant, greatly affects how happy people are with the food. In other words, happiness is obtained when we get experience from the money we use. It turns out that money is not created to be stockpiled.

Indeed having a thick wallet feels good. However, what makes the stack of paper become very interesting? Why does the paper have power?

Banknotes, which are used by us everyday are also called fiat money. Fiat money. Named fiat because fiat money has value based on government guarantees. Anyway, fiat comes from Latin which means "let it happen."

So actually, the paper money that we hold is only a guarantee letter from the government that issued the money that the money has value and can be used as a payment medium. What is the difference with monopoly money?