HOW can we persuade African countries to start reducing their population growth?
With the new round of Mini Ice Age impending in 2020, food production will reduce greatly. HOW can we persuade African countries to start reducing their population growth to minimise the impact of famine?

This is a tough question, especially since a lot of cultures in Africa, particularly in Islamic African countries usually measure their wealth with how many children they have regardless of whether or not they can take care of them.

The problem is that it's in our culture as well as religion (some religions) to have many children and there are very few things that can make a typical African man go against his culture and religion. Figuring out a way to make people understand that their culture could lead to their doom is key to reducing population growth, at least in places where culture demands that you have a lot of children.

Moreover, I believe that the authorities in most countries, that is to say the government is aware of this rapid population growth and the forthcoming world issues but knowing it and getting the people in their countries to care is a completely different thing entirely. You can't tell someone who is living in less than ideal countries that having too many children is bad because its going to aggravate a worldwide situation in the future, they won't listen to you because all they know is how they can solve their problems of today and not that of tomorrow.

Population growth is not only dependent on culture but on other things as well and the only things that comes to mind which may work in order to reduce population growth would simply to impose and enforce laws which limit the amount of children a person or people can have; something along the lines of what China has done. If it's to reason with people then you're going to have to first explain things like global warming and ice age and nobody will want to listen to what you have to say.

If it's constituted by the government and properly enforced then I think that would work. We're in the end game now and there's no time to actually try and reason with people, as tyrannical as it sounds, some times you have to force people to do the right thing especially when it's for their own good.

I hope this helps.


Haha... This I find the wording of the question funny (the persuade part). That doesn't mean it's not an important question. Africa is still largely underdeveloped and developing and so the impact of climate change is likely going to be more severe.

I'm a Nigerian, living is Lagos (one of the most populous cities in the world). The solution to the problem is not so simple. It's a rather complex problem, one that can be more aptly described as a wicked problem.

But all the interconnected problems can be combined to that of poverty and illiteracy. I really don't think persuation will work. The reason I say that is, the most effective means of propagating such persuation would have been through the government. But that won't work in Africa because the government really cannot control such things as child birth. The people will simply not buy into that.

Fighting illiteracy as has been going on will be the best solution. People have to realize the need to control child birth before they can do that.

Also there's some sort of resistance against such idea as birth control because of some reports of the west trying to prevent third world countries from giving birth by introducing vaccines that will reduce their ability to do so.

Also, there's hardly any government that will pass a law limiting the number of children as China did. This again emphasizes the fact that the persuation if any can only come from educating the masses on the need to have a sustainable population.

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 There are 53 countries in Africa, about which country are you talking about?

Or do you think famine is everywhere in Africa? That saying, your question could only applied to countries which have famine problems! 

And if you mention those countries, what has those poor population done that they should paid the price for the lack of food production?

Anyway almost every year they announce that there will be a mini ice age, but still nothing has happened.


Beside that, would it not be better to persuade big corporations to share profit with the poor workers, who they abuse in countries with famine problems?

Or persuade leaders to stop useless wars, and invest the money for war in food production. There is more than enough to be shared, if people want to share!

Or persuade donations organizations, who only use the sorrow and poverty of people in third world countries, to get donations in the west and only use 20% of the money on victims!

But asking persuade people from "some" African countries to start reduce there population is a contradiction against the freedom what we in the west want to sell to third world countries. Then it would be like china, were mass babies where killed because they could not have more children. Do you want Africa to be like that?

What we need in the world, is more sharing and caring and stop with those thoughts to reduce the population, what brought only trouble in the past and will never ever be a solution to our problems! Just saying!


I have thought about this alot but I have realized that the best way we can really persuade African countries to reduce their population growth is basically "education"

Yeah education is the basic tools to make people in the African countries to understand the consequences of overpopulation and how it affects a continent or nation so that is why I believe that enough education and

awareness will make African countries to fully understand the dangers of overpopulation and such awareness would make those countries to work together to prevent overpopulation or reduce it...