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WHAT are the Pros and Cons of posting our answers on Musing.io to Steem blog simultaneously?
Pros: Increased visibility (by your followers) and hence increased chance of more upvotes Cons: Consumes more resource credits? (I'm not sure on this one)

Here are the pros and cons of putting your answer of musing as a steemit blog:-


  • It will give exposure to the existence of musing in steem blockchain.
  • The answer, if a productive one can really help others and someone with out asking question may get his answer.
  • Your follower base can also enhance their information.
  • If you want to look at your answer after some time, then it is easy to track in steemit interface.
  • It can help to reach the target audience.
  • One can be able to post it as a blog for the selected important answer which he feel that he may require to check it again in future.


  • In steemit if some one read your answer posted as blog, then he can be able to know your view point only, but if he can see the same answer in musing along with so many available answer he can be able to get the view points of others and that can give a better overview of overall picture of the answer.
  • If you are answering  more than 6/7 questions and putting all of them as a blog, then people steemit may feel that you are spamming with 6/7 posts on daily basis and degrading the quality.

Thank you and Have a great day.


Well, I think if you have a blog-sized replies (which I still find weird) I think it is okay to post to your account page because of the fact that it is really a lot of work(when you can just give a simple and precise answer).

However, for those who write concise replies to questions, I don't think its good to post your replies to your account page. It makes a mess of your wall. This is the major reason why don't use some dapps because they do this. I have answered more than a hundred questions in musing, imagine all that on my page?! It will be a big mess and swallow all the content I want people to see (not like I don't want people to read my answers) but this is a decebtralised app, it should have an identity of its own. So musing is right by during this-- creating an account where the answers and questions can be found in one place (and steemit don't get to share the tragic this site is generating)

So that is it for me, people post their answers on their page because they want more reward. Although it might increase the visibility of this platform. But I do not want people coming here with the mindset that musing is a gold mine, we can see what happened to steemit. Yes you earn here but you have to put in work, and before I forget no bitbot (personal opinion by the way)



  • The major advantage of musing is that the author get different point of view about our question. Which can further increase your knowledge.
  • You can know the answer which you asked easily no more effect to find on internet. 
  • The author is also rewarded on their Question&Answer.
  • It can increase your knowledge. 
  • It lead to the path of success to everything,


  • The cons is that previous is goes down which we can not see. 
  • The answer is also not available on steemit website.