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It is one of the four holy months of the Hijri lunar calendar, in order the calendar is the first month and marks the beginning of the Islamic New Year.  

This month is only surpassed by Ramadán in relation to its meaning. 

This year 2018, will be held from September 12 until October 9 approximately.  This celebration is not the same for all Muslims, who celebrate it in different ways:  

  • Ashura (tenth day of Muharram) is a very important day for Muslims, as it marks the day of the abandonment of the Ark of Nuh (Noah) and also the day when Musa (Prophet Moses) is saved by God from Pharaoh Egypt, crossing The Red Sea with its people.  
  • Muharram for Shia and Sunni Muslims is different. Since many believe that this is the beginning of the Islamic New Year which has as its meaning reflection and peace.  
  • For Muslim followers of the Shia branch of Islam, it is a reflective and solemn day of Islamic history.   
  • In Shia, it has another meaning completely different from the previous ones.  Muharram is a commemoration of the death of Muhammad's grandson (Hussein Ibn Ali). He was murdered for questioning the legitimacy of the Caliph Yazid, during the battle of Karbala, which was held on the day of Ashura during the year 680 AD.  

During the Muharram, several Muslims perform fasting during the day of Ashura, and some other days of the Muharram in the form of thanksgiving. 

Some other Muslims like the Shiites perform and participate in rituals, which are mourning, which are performed in mesquitas to mourn the death of Hussein, remembering everything he did for justice.  

And some other Muslims perform public rituals, which tend to be a bit more painful, including self-flagellations, cuts and blows to various parts of their body.  

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Muharram is the first month in the Hijriyah calendar. Arabs call this month Muharram because this month they forbid war. In the past the Arab Society also named the illegitimate months with munzilul assunnah (spearhead or arrow). Because when that month comes they release arrowheads


natural Hijriyah calendar. Muharram comes from a word which means 'forbidden' or 'challenged', that is prohibited from waging war or bloodshed.

Muharram's 1st is the New Year's Day in Islam.