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Which one do you think more appropriate - love marriage or arrange marriage ?

I strongly believe that Marriages should be based mostly on Romantic Love

I do understand why some people don't take any issue on Arranged Marriages as this kind of marriages are at times already "financially secured" since it is mostly just two families merging into one for personal gains  People also have this notion that Love can be learned over time so the bride and groom will be okay if they just fake it for some time.

However this does not always happen. You just cannot force anyone to love you and expect them to be always good to you and here lies the problem. Without having to know the full personality of the one you are being married to, there is always a possibility that you will be paired up to one with a terrible personality making your whole future miserable. Worse part is that your parents can't intervene because you are now bind to that person.

While Arranged Marriages are good as a business strategy, to ensure one's happiness in the future one should based their marriage solely on romantic love.


Some arranged marriages are consensual but many are forced against the will of the two parties. This is an abhorrent practise that tramples over an individuals rights and freedoms. Its disgusting and must be stopped.

Sometimes, such arranged marriages also involve children, especially young girls marrying older men. 

Although most arranged marriages these days are amongst Muslims in South Asia, it is not exclusive, with instances in Hindu and Buddhism.

Many arranged marriages are between first cousins, and whilst not illegal, they are considered  undesirable in most Christian, Hindu and Buddhist nations.

My opinion, is that any woman who enters into an arranged marriage even with consent is setting back women's rights and their fight for equality. All over the world women are fighting to be treated as equals and allowing yourself to be told who you will spend the rest of your life with is an act of subservience. You are worth more than that despite centuries of religion telling you otherwise.

Having partners chosen by others can sometimes end with a woman taking her own life as she is trapped in a marriage she has no legal recourse to escape from by divorce or any other means and death has been known for some to be preferable to the shame brought on her family by walking away or spending the rest of her life in abject misery.

Arranged marriage is simply another disgusting example of religion treating women as second class citizens and as commodities after brainwashing them into accepting their fate.

Men in Islam, can of course marry multiple partners and divorce simply if desired.

Please don't support arranged marriages in any form, instead be with someone you love and support and educate woman and men that everyone is equal and we all have a right to personal choice.

Here is an article on forced marriage and suicide.


and this is one about child marriages, which are again ARRANGED and FORCED...


Please read these articles and then think carefully. Thank you.


Well I think the arrange marriage is more appropriate.

The reason I prefer the arrange marriage over love marriage are:-

In arrange marriage people know the whole family through parents and generally the habits and traditions of the family are well known to establish that the couple have a good match or other wise. 

Arrange marriage is bond between two families and therefore, it last longer.

In case of minor  disputes between the couple, the elders get involved in the disputes are resolved.

In arrange marriage couple have to spend time with each other after marriage so they can develop better understanding and affection.


I prefer love marriage to arranged marriage because marriage becomes more interesting and sweet when two lovers marry each other.

Arranged marriage can take very long time for the spouses to know and understand each other. Also, another problem is that the party involved may not be genuinely in love with each other. They just have to keep faking it since they were both forced into it.


Obviously the answer to this question is a matter of personal preference, but for me it's most definitely the love marriage.

Marriage is a delicate thing and contrary to what goes on these days with people getting divorced like as if it's a normal thing, It's a life time commitment and if that commitment is based on decisions that where made for the sole purpose satisfying family wishes then I don't see how that's supposed to last.

Aside from that, compatibility is also another very important factor and in arranged marriages this isn't really taken into consideration. In my opinion love marriages are far better and that's my two cents on the matter


Arranged marriage

Because love does not exist 😾


Obviously love marriage is more appropriate than arranged marriage,arranged marriage is a trend that is

now getting more popular in many countries,there are

different categories or let me say different kinds of arranged marriages,there are some arranged

marriages whereby two different families come together and make two different people to become

couples even if there is no mutual love between the two people that the families want them to get married,many

of such arranged marriages do not last long because the two people married themselves because of the

arrangement of the familes and not because they love each other and wanted to marry each other....

Another form of arranged marriage is also called sham marriage is a situation where two people come together

to get married just to get the green card of a particular country,this is usually done when an immigrant makes a deal with a citizen of a particular country and decide to

arrange a fake marriage just for the immigrant to be granted citizenship by marriage,sham marriage is illegal

in many countries if not all countries and engaing in it is a criminal offence....