How to find the vote value of a steemit user ?

It is very easy to find the vote value of a steemit user.

Steemit is a platform where you canshare your feelings, daily logs, emotions and so on. But youshould not do copy and paste on steemit. If you do this then you have to face many difficulties. And you also should not do spam. If you can avoid this things then it can be said that you will become a successful steemit user.

To find the vote value of a steemit user you gave maintain this things : -

1. At first you have to go to this link (https://steemblockexplorer.com).

2. Then click on the link and give a slash.

3. After that write the username with @ as first lette and finally click on the ok option then you can many see many information in the left side. In the left side first you can see steemit username and then you can see the steemit account reputation and post count. In the last option you can see the vote value of the steemit user you wants to find.

It is as mucn easy as it.


I like SteemNow, e.g.  [https://steemnow.com/@facttechz](https://steemnow.com/@facttechz)  because it loads very quickly.

Others will likely suggest more ways of doing it.


There is https://steemworld.org/ which offers a lot of different information. Or just use http://steempeak.com/ instead of steemit -there you can see it too.