What should women know about men?

1. Men hate it when you read way too much into their words actions.

It's understandable that you sometimes feel insecure about how committed your guy is to you. After all, you are a woman and your well-being and survival are much more dependent on your man than his are on you. But don't let those feelings get the better of you. Men tend to be loyal and value good relationships. Men get a sense of validation from being loved by a woman and, of course, depend on them for full sexual satisfaction (heterosexuals anyway).

2. Men get tired of needless drama real quick

One perennial complaint by men about their women is how they dislike their women's moodiness and apparent emotional instability. Not all women are overtly emotional but many are much less inhibited in making a spectacle of their emotions than most men. Men have feelings, too, but as men grow up they are taught not to air them in public or even express them freely in the company of their family members. And that's a good thing because the masculine habit of self-control allows men to focus better on the issues at hand instead of personal likes and dislikes and to co-operate better even with people who they don't like at all.

3. Men love it when you value them as individual human beings with all their personal quirks.

This applies for both sexes, but because men usually bring much more external value to the table, they hate being considered a beast of burden only. This is analogous to a woman being treated as a sex object only. 

4. Disrespect (let alone contempt) is poison to your relationship with your man.

Even if you shower a man with affection out of a genuine desire to do so, be careful not to make him feel inadequate by constantly telling him how to do things unless he asks. For example, if he doesn't drive in a downright reckless and dangerous manner, do not tell him how to drive a car despite being tempted to do so. A man derives much of his self-respect from feeling competent. Be careful not to undermine that feeling in subtle or overt ways.


Men do want to have a supportive women. They're not on their full capabilities if they know they are not being supported by their partners or loved ones. Every decision must have proper deliberation from the both parties. Men feel the same way about equality too. They want to have your full attention when they are talking just like women. In terms of emotional and psychological, it's true that they kept their burden in their own and not willing to share it easily to others especially on to the opposite sex. Also, it"s true that they easily get irritated to loud women who keeps/loves on murmuring regardless if they have some mistakes or not.


Men cry as well. For the duration of our lives, men have been anticipated as the intense person that won't shed a solitary drop of tear. That was the way how my grandma brought up her children too. Young men ought not cry. She would criticize them., Growing up, I never observed my dad show or show any kind of feelings openly. It embarrasses him to concede that he is separating inside. That was previously a dear companion of his kicked the bucket when he at last separated and cried on my laps in the wake of finding out about the news. I saw his repressed tears of numerous years out of the blue that day.

Men never grow up. Once in a while. They are still kid on a basic level,… Try denying something they request and they will sulk, and act like a multi year old child. It only here and there happen that route towards ladies, we age candidly as parenthood happens yet that is only here and there the case with men. They are youth on a fundamental level.

Men love to be sought after as well. It's not simply us ladies that longs for and appreciates the considerations and need to feel needed. Folks have it in them also regardless of not having any desire to let it out so anyone can hear.

Men are passionate somewhere inside. Presumably more passionate than us ladies. Difficult to trust, yes. Be that as it may, have you at any point went over folks who are furious or mean tempered yet minding in the meantime? He may be a diamond of a man underneath the chilly outside. I know since a few men will never show any kind of feelings or conceal their emotions to secure their own sentiments.

Nobility and self image is an intergral part of menhood. They need to feel imperative and regarded. To you, in your eyes notwithstanding any other individual. They have a standard set without anyone else's input to keep up their poise and any individual who crosses it will confront its outcome. Compliment him, and he will regard you all through his lifetime. Sense of self resembles an undetectable crown for men.

Men will always remember his ex effortlessly. Regardless of how long it took him to begin his life once again, or if his ex is no longer in the casing. He will experience serious difficulties proceeding onward from his ex contrasted with us ladies.

Men will gaze at charming young ladies. Quit objecting excessively about it. Not on the grounds that they like them, not on the grounds that he needs to be with her but rather in light of the fact that men are wired that way. They are visual animals and men love gazing at anything adorable that moves around. Ladies shouldn't make a molehill out of a mountain.

Men decipher data distinctively contrasted with ladies. They have compartmentalized considerations that turns out as a sensible arrangement unimportant with how the manner in which a ladies' mind works. We relate feelings with everything. Folks don't. In this way, it probably won't appear to be a splendid plan to ring him to prattle about somebody you detest.


That's an interesting question

Woman should realize they hold a large influence in a man's life. I've been reading The Peter Pan Syndrome by Dr Dan Kiley and I've come to realise how much influence a woman has as both a mother and a wife/girlfriend

That being said, men don't like the thought of being controlled. It's a funny thing, you know. Most men are opened to influencing but if you rub it on their face or make it seem like they can't think on their own, they're going to resent you.

That being said, let me also add that you can't change anyone. You can only influence their behavior. This can be done by 'punishing' bad behavior or rewarding good behavior. This probably applies to women too.

Lastly, men are humans. I hear women talk about changing the stereotype. Well, it applies to men too. Not all men would be physically strong or have six packs or a eight inches long penis. Men are varied and unique in their own way. Treat them as humans first of all who are worthy of your time and attention.

I think I'm said so much it's gradually becoming a rambling.

I'm out


women should know some interesting facts about men. behind all those appearing strong and acting strong, women should tend to know that is not all about men. although ladies were been created from the ribs of a man, that does not certified that men should be strong in all cases.  men are one of the meekest creature created, men are also the most caring being, humble, so calm and accommodating and loving creature in existence. all the points are facts in which everyone knows. 

Now what are the things women needs to know about men, they are;

1. men deserved to the care for too 

2. men deserve to be called sweet names

3. men deserve to be loved

4. you can spoil men with gifts also

5. men also cry not because they are weak but because they have been so strong for a long time

6.  men are be worshiped by their wives. not worship like God but in a way that will make them feel appreciated.

7. if a man should cheat on his partner he did that because he could not over come temptation not because he does not love his partner

8. men are down to earth being

9. men has the best listening ears

10. men might go on hunger strike just to see someone he loves being comfortable and satisfied

11. men should be treated with respect

12. a man might be going through hell, but still your happiness will be is main priority

13. men feels too but choose to be strong because of the people depending on them, they cant afford to look weak

14. men needs alone-time sometimes , just to think and reflects on things of live

15. men should not be stressed in their home, they are already going through a lot outside but you wont know because they dont bring their problems and pain with them along from work or outside when coming home.

lets us all toasts to all men out their who are all trying to get it right for the sake of people depending on them, with publicly announcing their pain and struggles to the world. may God bless them.


Generally, they should go and learn and know;

How to be polite in their response or conversations

How to become their good friends

How to understand them better.

Also, more importantly, they should learn how to be successful in relationships with the different several men who play a major role in their respective lives (that is, their boss, husband, father, uncle, tutor or teachers, and many other persons like that).



I think most women understand men better than men themselves.

Men are simple creatures and don't like complications. Most men will choose the easy option over the hard option. Never over think a man's thoughts. Most of them are simple and don't think too far ahead.

Men will lie regularly but if you are smart you will catch them out. Give them enough rope and they will hang themselves. If I was a female I would hate having to try find an honest one. Men form habits very quickly.

Already that is way too much information but I am sure most of this is obvious and not top secret.


That we too are individuals with thoughts, hopes and dreams just like women are.


ake it short and sweet.

Men need to be your superhero. Yes, we like to fix things. We love to cuddle you when feel sad, this creates a sense of purpose in us. We feel like we are protecting you, this is something we really value.

We can't read your mind. Because we have been created differently, we behave differently. Instead of telling your husband: "oh my friend Jenny is happy these days, she's receiving a lot if small gifts from her husband directly on her office desk ! I wish I can be as happy as she is", just tell him: "honey, If you want to spoil me, I would like to receive a red box of white chocolate in my office twice a week". Straight. Otherwise we won't know. And you will be pissed off.

Our ego defines us. It's our weakness. Never tell a man that he can't do something, it will hurt his self-confidence. Even if your man is struggling repairing something in the house, encourage him and tell him you feel proud of having such a husband. Don't say:"honey why don't you call a specialist ? ". This is the best way to get us on nerves.

We express our feelings differently. A man may not tell you a hundred times a day that he loves you, that doesn't mean that he is careless. If you pay attention, you will see that we show our love in a different way.


That we are not a teddy bear

That we do not like (seriously) to check our mobile.

That we do not like to be told "hey fat" or "little thing" in front of our family and friends.

That we are not and will not be the prince that Disney invented. We are real people, like you. Although there will always be women who are not.

If they carry a bag, they should not give it to us to take care of when they talk on the phone or when they look for another bag. Besides that we will not see each other the same, it could happen to put a lizard on them so they do not ask us to load it again.

That a tattoo does not automatically mean "male in sight" much less means delinquent. Or that his absence says "pusillanime".

That the beard or the "chongo" of hipster was not invented by hipsters ... African slaves used it almost 500 years ago (chongo) and for castaways the beard was fundamental.

That not all men are equal, there will always be worse.

If you're beautiful, we will not always want to be your friends. And if you're not, too.

Not everyone will have money but we know how to be fun and make you have fun, a good conversation will be something that values ​​in old age.

If you just want sex forget my 10 point and go with the one who has money. Paying good hotels is also a plus.

We will not understand anything about you and that you know it is important from now on, having that expectation will only ruin your life.

We also fall in love and have feelings without deferring our esteem.

Yes, it makes us cold if we lend them our jacket, but we will still enjoy it just to see them safe and happy.

Trust what a man says to you from another man, we know what we say by simple personal experience.