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What is the remedy to free a country from corruption?
There are corruption in many countries in the world. As a result, normal development of the country is hampered. What is the remedy to free a country from corruption?

I don't think corruption can be completely wiped out, it's just not possible, but maybe I'm saying this because I come from a country where corruption is so widespread that even youngsters who aren't even up to the age of 13 have already experienced some form of corruption in one way or another.

In my experience, corruption usually stems from personal benefit and as such people will always fall back to corrupt behaviours when they see opportunities that benefit them so figuring out a way to prevent people from only thinking about themselves is key to stopping corruption.

For me if I had to pick a way to stop corruption I'd go with encouraging patriotism. It's pretty simple, if people who are in positions of power and who have access to a countries finances and resources put the country first and above their own personal gain then corruption will be non existent.

Putting your country first, at least with respect to corruption in government agencies is the one sure fire way to get rid of corruption in a country. We have to encourage patriotism in the youths as well as the next generation because it may be too late to change people who've already grown used to corruption, but theres hope for the young ones.

I noticed that the poorer a country the more likely it will be for corruption to thrive and this suggests that poverty has a direct correlation with poverty. Increasing the standard of living of the people of a particular country might be one way to curb corruption because if a person's needs are met then there'll be no need to practice corruption.

I hope this help.


1.- Appoint the same number of 'anti-corruption" courts as workable for provoke disciplines to guilty parties.

2.- Make the legal executive and investigating organizations responsible for time headed cutoff points for completing cases.

3.- Make corruption to really be a non bailable offense.

4.- A corrupt person that was accused once captured really needs to actually proof himself as being innocent (Onus should lie with him). Else, he needs to stay behind the bars till the time every one of the wellsprings of his assets are affirmed.

5.- All govt authorities ought to necessarily be made to announce their benefits and ought to be compelled to document pay assessment forms with joined monetary records every single year. They need to clarify how their benefits have expanded more than what they got as compensation. Their first level of blood relations ought to likewise be examined for sudden their budgetary ascent.


In my opinion, the corruption is a number one problem in the world. And you know, to fix this problem is have several tips from me

The first one is you need to teach to the young student about morality, the cleaver is not enough to be a good person. So the government need to teach morality to avoid the corruption

Again and again government is the most important part of this. The government should make the best punishment to the corruption, like China, the goverment of china is the best punishment ever for a corruption. If someone is doing corruption in china, the government will take all his cars, Houses, and others. So the point is to make a person that doing corruption is poor

The other tips is we need to make the leader clear from corruption, if the leader clear from corruption, so all employ should be clear


Corruption is  a serious issue world wide. Some countries can't do anything anymore as corruption  has crippled them.

I think the best way is too separate the payment facility away from whoever is in charge to control the purse strings. Government officials are known for their backhands and if the finance is removed from them then they can't negotiate and be corrupted. This won't stop backhanders but it will cut out abuse.

Having the law corrupt free is the key. If laws are made that are so strict that people are too scared to steal then the battle is half won. The problem currently is the law enforcement is bought and is as corrupt as the officials themselves.


Well the truth which I have realized that is that a country may not be able to be totally be free from corruption but one certain thing is that corruption could be reduced to

a very minimal level in a country,I noticed that countries with less corruption are countries with great justice system and an effective law in place which is effectively

obeyed and enacted,the most common factor that could make corruption become common in a country is when the people in that country believes that they can be corrupt and still get away with it because laws are not

properly enacted in such countries or when they have poor justice system...so I believe a great justice system in place will help to reduce corrupt people and criminals....