How can the education system be expanded in the underdeveloped rural society?
There are many rural societies where education system is not developed. How can the education system of these villages be improved?

There are thousands of areas around the world where education is still a dream. Modernization and infrastructure development made it easy to spread education all over. But some unfortunate rural place still need development in this area.

1. Strengthen the community and make them aware about the necessity of education.

2. More government allowance.

3. Infrastructure development in that area.

4. More social facilities for the community.

5. Training for the teachers.

6.select community leader who have interest to develop education.

7. Focus on the reason for drop out and work on it.

8. Arrange online session if possible.

9. Enrich the curriculum for more awareness.

10. Involved the community with educational system. 

I think these steps would work enough to develop the education in rural areas and turn the light of knowledge in every corner of the world.