How much do you love your workplace?
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I'm not sure if this question is about the physical workplace or the functional aspects of it. But I will take both ways and try to answer. The workplace can differ from profession to profession. Obviously for someone who's background is biotechnology, their work place can be a lab and for a marketing expert, their work nature would be field work and they may not have any workplace at all. I can think about my workplace as a software developer and provide my opinion on that. I really love my workplace definitely not personally but professionally. I don't have any personal attachment towards my workplace because I really don't want to keep working all the time. I believe even for most of the people work place is just a place that satisfies their financial needs. But apart from the financial part of it, people also take workplace very personal. They even find their life partner in the workplace. I kind of don't find that really amusing. But I have seen my workplace really great for both work and fun. My manager is also a very good person who is capable of handling the team members to give proper focus to both personal and professional life. 

A good workplace is really important for you to do your work peacefully. All the facilities should be available for you in a workplace. If you are not satisfied with anything there, you will not have a feel to go and work the next day. In that perspective, I feel that my workplace provides everything that I need to work peacefully. Even if I need any personal time to work on something with full focus, there are private meeting rooms which we can book and make use of. So I'm really attached towards my workplace. I'm going to highlight some of the great things about my workplace both from a physical perspective as well as functional perspective.

Sometimes I stay more than my work hours just because I get a sophisticated feeling to stay in the office. I have few routines that I do before I go to bed, so I sit in office for few more extra hours and complete those works and return home with a peace of mind. The reason why I stay late in office will mostly not be because of my work because my manager asks me for an explanation if I had to stay late and work. Only on unavoidable circumstances I'm allowed to push extra hours and complete my work. In that way, I'm really gifted to work with a great manager. 

The real reason why I stay late most of the days is because I do a lot of reading as a developer and I also develop some applications just to get an exposure. Staying in office after the work timings helps me focus on the learning part. I make sure I work in a calm and peaceful place without any disturbances. I have no personal attachment in my workplace and I really don't have personal communications with the colleagues as well. Most of the conversations that happen in the office just ends up in the office itself. I have seen people continuing that even outside office. It never worked for me at all. Maybe I'm not that kind of person. 

We also have other facilities in my workplace that really attracts me. Some of them are a well maintained cafeteria, snacks vending machine,  break out zones, resting lounge, meeting rooms etc. Even at times when I think of working from home, it really makes me feel that I should have been in office instead of home because I have facilities to use multiple monitors and all if I'm in office. This is something that is not possible if I work from home. 

I have heard stories about great workplaces from some of my friends as well. Compared to all those work places I will definitely not say that my office is a great place, but I will definitely say that my workplace is really good for me to be satisfied about. 

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Life is full of troubles for every thing to grow to fill bellies to educate to cover body to fulfil desires all these needs money which come from working Working is not long done to earn money it is a dark aspect Work is done to make life busy to involve in mind in something else away from problems in life

Work depends on some thing according to which it can,t be taken in dark aspect 

First you should love your work

Second have devotions yo work properly

Third you should have to love the place where you work

Exactly the third point is the point of focus "place of work should be loved" how i love my place of work?is the question which is main point of ponder

So i m going to tell i loved my working place alot but the working place is changed with time to time according to need

In my childhood....like any child i also have nothing to do in my childhood but except one thing teasing mother for little things that,s one ar that not the place of my working at my childhood which was making mischief was the lap of my mother That was the actual place where i feel relaxed and that,the place i loved the most and missed alot

At my beginning of school

In the start of school i dont want to leave my first place of working in short loved place of lap of my mother but as time passes i made friends and takes interest at school i loved to go to school and sit

 on those place and work which was to learn basic 

At my college level

Leaving the school level and the place of working next i got a new place to work at college but now i dont feel sad for leaving previous place because i know that,s are the part of life but i dont want to say that i dont love these places i really love by heart and soul to early places of working at college level i also had affection for my working place

At university level

Now i am the oart of a medical field which is my passion so i loved the place where i study and perform experiments and checked my patients i ofyen dont want to return to hone leavung my patients this show mg affection to my place of working 


Everyone have love for the place of working if a person loves the place and dont's take it as a burden you will enjoy your work and do it in a proper way in last i love so much all the places which brings me here

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