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How much of our responsibility to the deprived people of society?
There are many people around us who have poverty.There are many people in our society who do not think of the people who are missing these benefits.What is our responsibility towards them and what do we do?

As a human being 'caring and sharing' is the bridge between the so called rich and poor in the society. We who are in a fortunate position in a society could not neglect the fact that we have a responsibility to help the other half of the society. 

How could there be economic balance, social justice if the fortunate one do not take steps to help the needy one? They can do so much better to other's life, to help improve it and to grow/develop the society.

As from a developing country, I see thousands of new project to help the poor and needy people. I also involved in some of them. 

We have many opportunities to do help in different areas- food, education, health, clothing, shelter, security, financial aid and so on. We have to take action from our capability.

We can build a community who wants to help, could motivate people to participate in such helping projects and many more.

If we only depends on our government to take action it would take thousand years to improve the life of the poor. It is we, the fortunate one who have to take action to help improve the life of the poor.

It is also not possible for the governing body to go every corner of the society or identify every single need. It is we, the community people could identify and could do better for developing the society.  

I wish my answer could help you.