Why do you think children should not be allowed to use the phone?

We are more and more addicted to our electronics based on recent studies and it is important to protect the youngest of us here!

The key is to find the right balance because there are all kinds of health and development issues. In this post, I would like to outline some reasons why children should not use these pieces of technological equipment frequently. There is no need for a total ban, except for babies.

Children may be exposed to too much radiation.

The problem with excessive use of cell phones and cordless phones is that the brain may be exposed to radiation, which has been associated with cancer. There are no conclusive studies on this, but the American Cancer Society says it is advisable to limit the use of cell phones, especially in young children.

It is more and more common that children suffer from eye strain after watching the screens for hours and hours. This is sometimes called computer vision syndrome. Watch out for dry, red and sore eyes. Sometimes children may have blurred vision and have problems with the words that move on the screen because their eyes are not aligned properly.

The best solution is to encourage children to shorten their phone calls and send more text messages. You can also take out a monthly subscription that will allow you to cut your child's phone in the late evening and early in the morning.

Children do not sleep enough.

When children are entitled to all their gadgets in the bedroom, it is a guarantee that the light of the blue screen will affect their sleep. There is a lot of research on this subject, and one of them shows that children who play on their tablets or phones just before bedtime take longer to fall asleep and do not sleep as well.

The children will take time to do their homework.

Children can consider doing multiple tasks at once, it's cool when they have to do their homework. Verifying their Facebook account and emails is part of the normal distraction process. But studies show that it takes four times longer to recognize each new activity than if you focused on one task.

Parents have different approaches. Some parents simply ban the use of the phone during homework and when teens protest that their friends are allowed to do so, they simply say "our house, our rules".

The development of the brain of toddlers can be at risk.

The best solution is probably to ban devices for these babies and toddlers. They do not need to update their status on Facebook yet! Parents should make sure they have enough normal toys and games for children to help them develop their manual dexterity. A touch screen can not do that.


I don't think children should not be allowed to use phones. And I'll tell you why.

The world is changing and whether we like it or not we have to get on board with the change or we'll be left behind.

It's important that at a young age, children are able to operate these devices that they will literally use for the remainder of their lives. In addition to that, they will have the opportunity to learn about other things using the internet. The potential on the internet is limitless.

But the access of the children clearly need to be regulated and controlled so as to prevent abuse. Because as much good as can be done with the device. Even more damage can result of used wrongly.

So children should be allowed to use phones but under adult supervision.

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Telephones Effects on Academics

Educators in schools are griping of expanding indiscipline in class as far back as youthful kids began conveying cell phones to class. As per these instructors understudies who convey mobile phones to class chat on the telephone amid class and send messages. They don't focus and play on their phones amid class hours. They therefore pass up exercises being educated and fall behind alternate understudies. Their whole fixation is on the cell phone and not on their investigations. The educators say that understudies with cell phones are uninterested in concentrates amid class hours. Their consideration is more on the cell phone as opposed to on the writing board.

General Effects on Children

As indicated by a few youngsters who have a Phone, it is a grown-up toy for them among the others. The more the telephone is present day and sharp, the better since it expands eminence among companions and different classmates. Cell phones majorly affect kids and can achieve bothersome changes in their way of life. These youngsters turn out to be so fixated on the telephone. They are continually checking messages, and don't do the vital things that youthful youngsters ought to do. Rather than investing energy playing sports in the natural air and taking part in other innovative exercises and side interests, they invest a large portion of their time in the telephone. As per researchers, staying in touch with individuals can get addictive.

Wellbeing perils of Mobile Phones on Children

Studies suggest that cell phones should just be given to kids over sixteen years old. Kids underneath the age of sixteen ought not be given cell phones since their mind is excessively delicate, making it impossible to withstand the impacts of versatile radiation. Since the tissues in the cerebrum and body are as yet building up, these radiations can cause cell harm. Because of ingestion of radiation, youngsters can have serious medical problems. In spite of the fact that grown-ups additionally get influenced by these radiations it will be increasingly serious in youngsters on account of expanded assimilation of these radiation levels. Specialists additionally accept there is a connection between youth malignant growth and cell phone utilization among youngsters.

Abuse of Mobile Phones

There are high odds of abuse of the cell phone, by youngsters who have them. Youngsters may send and get indecent messages and pictures. Kids can approach grown-up sites.


@Faima, In current times of world, i cannot think that we can stop children for using Smartphones because now Smartphones entered into every house and for sure children will going to attract towards it. But here we have to understand one thing and that is, we should become like friends with children and it's important to teach them the right use of smartphones because most of the times when children lack proper guidance then can misuse the resources.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂


The only reason that I will give mobile phone to a child is for "emergency purposes" only. Since I don't think that he/she will even need it at a young age. I don't see other purpose for any of the activities that a child will do in a day.

However, I do think that it will somehow help a child in case of emergency since it is the fastest way for him/her to contact somebody for help or assistance.


I think the later they have a phone the better. I hate the idea of a child having a phone. I think that a child should be given a phone only when they become a teenager.

I would hate to see my child sitting on a phone when they should be playing outside with friends. No one knows what the side affects of radiation will be and on a growing child would it be worse or not?

As adults we spend enough time on the phone so delaying your child until that happens the longer the delay the better. It is about keeping them away from this terrible tool for as long as possible. I hate my phone but it is an essential piece of technology that we all need.

I would ban my children from social media sites if they had to have a phone. To me they are not healthy and not required.


Giving a cellphone to a child is not a good thing. But if it is given as a learning media, I may, but under the supervision of parents.

Especially in the current era, the presence of smartphones on the one hand has a positive impact and on the other hand it also has a negative impact.

Prohibit completely, children not to use cellphones are not good because children also need entertainment, but it must be noted that giving a cellphone or smartphone to children must be controlled and monitored by parents. and parents also direct their children to access or use mobile phones for educational media.


There may be no fixed age limit for mobile usage. But when giving the child access to mobile, it must be kept in mind that how old it is or how useful it is for them. At least in the teenage period, if the mobile phone is not needed very well then it is better not to give. Because this time is called adolescence. At this time, their interests are very much different. So many people use the mobile to be reckless. In this case, parents should be a little cautious. Only because of the child's demand, don't give them mobile. Whenever there is a need for communication, then he should be given mobile.

A study based in the United States showed that it takes two hours to set the vibration that occurs in the brain when the children speak for one minute. The study further claimed that children who use mobile five-six hours daily have less intellectual development than other children. Barrister Miti Sanjana, a Supreme Court lawyer and human development expert, said, "City life is complicated by our relationships. We are giving mobile phones to our children as well as for self-quality time and entertainment. We do not worry about the harmful aspects. Instead of mobile phones, they should be given books. Enough sports should be given. The practice of family relations should be increased. There is no alternative for a healthy next generation.

Children will be in the future. We need to become more aware of their physical and mental well-being.