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What was the most joyful moment of your life?

I could say that without any hesitation that it was when I became a MOTHER. From my point of view the joy of becoming mother can't not be compared with any other things in the world.

Before giving birth to a baby boy, I used to thought it was my graduation day or maybe my wedding day. If anyone asked me it earlier my answer would be those two. But now as a mother I know the true meaning of joy.

I don't know if I gave birth to another child, my current feeling can be changed or not. Or seeing my child get success in his life could make me more happy, I don't know at this very moment. 

But what I know is, although we have different priorities in our life and we may feel joyful after achieving one of them. But giving birth to a baby is a much different joy. Thought in every second thousands of children born across the world. It may seems normal.

But for me, who go through this know the pure selfless joy  of it. And I felt that.


You are actually cancer free, absolutely Cancer free, you are indeed a totally healthy individual. You can walk and live a normal life again "

The minute when my doctor revealed to me this, it was the best moment of my life. I can't really describe that feeling, It was a similar sentiment of climbing a Mount Everest or which Hrithik felt in Lakshya after that war. It was a war among death and life for me, which by my solid will and huge help of individuals, some I don't know, I won.

To see countenances of my dear ones illuminate in a way I have never observed merited catching, worth living and worth battling for. The delight of possessed the capacity to move uninhibitedly, meet your companions, proceed with my examinations and all the more significantly to live panic free of that sickness which may have ended your life is incredible


According to the Indonesian dictionary, moments mean short time; time. If it is associated with this life, then the moment can be interpreted as moments that have ever existed in our lives, whether it's very memorable or not. But the most memorable moment will continue to be remembered as beautiful times in this life.

Of course, every day we always do activities to run the wheel of life. The wheel of life is never separated from the good and bad things, good impressions and bad impressions, and good times and vice versa.

God is always fair, where when we are having trouble, then someday happiness will be our turn. Yes of course, the name is also the wheel of life. It is not possible to always be above or vice versa. All life processes are passed by everyone (us). Because life must continue.

And every day various forms of activities that we do. Of course each of us has different activities. And from all these activities there will always be memories that we can never forget. Memories planned by God in our lives.

People say, for peace of mind, we are required to remember good things. Have you ever remembered what good things you have done in your life. Which of course all gives a certain impression for anyone who experiences it. Now or in the future. And most people will or will experience it. To help remind and who have not experienced it.

I thought that one of the many irony of life was doing something wrong at the right moment.

Following the questions asked, I will answer by telling you the most memorable moments of my life. The following is the most memorable moment of my life.

1. Moment to gather with family and friends

Photo belongs to me and my wife

Photo belongs to me and my wife

Gather with classmates in IAIN Lhokseumawe when college S-2 (Communication master program)

Who is able to forget those two precious things. Gathering with family and friends is a fortune that not everyone can experience. Moments that can't be exchanged for anything, because they are very expensive. Why not, when our hearts are sad only near family and friends our hearts will be calm. So, it is appropriate for everyone to consider these two things as the most memorable moment.

2. Be a successful person

Are we not happy when we become successful people and become proud? Which family is not proud if one of his family members becomes a successful person. Imagine if a successful person were ourselves. Then surely our family members will feel proud to know it. And of course the happy moment when it becomes the pride of all these people will never be forgotten.

3. Marriage process

My wedding

Everyone must have dreamed and thought that this sacred moment between love and marriage would be passed once in a lifetime. Who can forget the happy event that will only last one time in life. It should be that the moment is immortalized and will never be forgotten in everyone's life.

4. Having a baby

Photo of My child

A child is a gift from God that must be kept in any condition. Children are something that is most expected by those of us who are married. Not everyone can be a parent, so for those of us who get the opportunity never to waste it. Through a long process, the moment to be a parent will certainly never be forgotten.

Those are some of the most memorable moments of my life. Thanks



When we are satisfied from something or from some situation that is our Joy. When we are happy this is also a joyful moment for us. Different people have different interest that's why joy meaning is differentiate between Multi people. Joy is related to  combination of happiness and satisfaction also. Because people happy sometime but it's vary internal or outside but satisfaction give you internal joy. Joy is the happiest moment of your life you can see your happiest moment in your past life then you find lot of Movement in which you are most happy at that time.

Some common movement of joy for each person

  • Happy birthday
  • Wedding day
  • Birthday of mother father
  • On New born child
  • Child first step
  • Child first word
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firstly let me start by saying i have so many joyful moments in my life, so it will be hard to pinpoint one. but i will try to summarize the top two joyful moments of my life. 

one of the most joyful moments of my life was when i graduated from the university. this day was one of the happiest day of my life due to the negativity i have gotten from people ; people saying that i cant do it, that i cant survive the harsh condition of the university and people saying i was not smart enough. so when i graduated, i proved to them that i was smart enough and i was capable of reaching greater heights even beyond their wildest dreams . i was so much happy that day due to the fact that GOD allowed me to graduate despite all odds

another day that top my most joyful day list was when my younger brother/sibling finally gained admission into the university after waiting for over 3 years hoping for some miracle to happy from somewhere. God did it and he was given an admission at the time that it was least expected. i was so happy for him due to the fact that he became worried and unhappy to be staying at home doing nothing. even people that he was smarter than have gained admission . when God finally answered our prayer and my junior brother was finally offered admission into the university/college, i was over joyed and so happy for him. 


 For me the most joyful moment of my life when I spent time with my friends and family. Because those moments are something like very special for me when I was with my loving family and friends. That was just mindblowing for me when I spend time with full of fun and chilling.

Well in the other words the most attractive moment of life when my birthday is coming and my family members are preparing for the blast celebration. Those moments are special in my life. I feel like in heaven when I spent most of the time with happiness. I can't express my feeling when I was felt in more happiness.

A true friend is the God gifted in your life that you can share each and every part of your life sharing with loving friends. Beside the most joyous moments when you spending time on the outside areas, like the picnic, riding, swimming, hiking and making a good laugh with a loved one.

I am happy in life because I love my life. When you start loving with your life then I must say that you'll the happiest person in your life. So never think you are not live happily. 😊😎😊 


Well this is a very interesting question and it's based on personal experience.

Am going to answer this question based on my experience as a Christian.

One of the most joyous moment of my life was when I came to the understanding of the Bible after many years as a Christian.

Because of wrong teaching I have lived in perprtual fear for many years and the fear that I might not make heaven hunt me for many years thinking that I can lose my salvation and go to hell, that fear toment me and I was so afraid.

But until I met a teacher of the Bible who opened my eyes to the Truth of the gospel and my life was transformed forever.

That has been my most joyous moment till date because all those fear are gone and I now live in peace and happiness.


@Faima, In my opinion, my first job because, many said that I've never going to pass the matric but when I've done my M.COM in Business Administration and got my first Multinational Corporate Job, then it was an moment of joy because no matter what words I've heard, I've moved on my path and in my opinion our achievements are powerful answers than actions and words.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂