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Do you think that all girls should be self-reliant?

Every person should be self-reliant. I do understand that women and men are not given equal opportunities in the society due to cultural and traditional reasons. Most women are seen as second citizens and are treated as such. However, we would not deny the increasing oppprtunities that are available to many now. It is far better than where it was some decades back, however much is yet to done in making the world a comfortable place for women to thrive.

Based on the opportunities available now to women, i think it is imperative that they take such opportunities. Gone are does days where women depend on men for their every need. Even men these days avoid such women and tag them as liabilities. We need to teach the girl child to be ambitious and not relegate her dreams and aspirations to the four walls of a man's house. I also try to tell my sisters this. If we let them know that there is more to life then being someone's wife then i think there will be a shift in their behavior and approach to life. I must state here that not all women is dependent on their family or men. There are a lot of women doing great things in the society. These women are role models to young girls and in turn this is creating a society where both men and women will contribute equally to the growth and development of their communities.


You know, I'm an old fashioned kind of guy so I'll try to explain what I think from two angles. The first is a single woman and the other is a married one.

THE SINGLE WOMAN: As a single lady, you are supposed to be self-reliant in every single way. In life there is only one man that owes you anything and he is your father. He birthed you and as such you are his responsibility until you grow up. Beyond that you are an adult and should be able to provide for yourself. The same applies to your mother. So as a single lady, no one owes you anything and you owe no one anything. Thus you should rely solely on yourself for anything you need.

THE MARRIED WOMAN: When we talk about married women, my old fashioned way of thinking comes in. As a married woman, I feel you should be totally dependent on your husband. I'm more of a man-goes-to-work woman-raises-kids kind of guy. Not because I believe that women are slaves to their husbands. No. I believe so because I know that a marriage is a partnership. Both parties have roles to play. When a man makes his vows at the alter, he promises to provide for his wife. It is his matrimonial duty to provide for her and the kids. Its not an easy job. Neither is raising kids. I think the problem we have today is because people no longer appreciate how hard it is to raise children. Its a tough job but it is necessary. So in a family, the man goes out works and pays the bills. His wife takes care of the kids and manages the home. Both jobs are hard. Both jobs are necessary. So only in this situation can a woman not be self-reliant. Because she leaves the duty of providing for her husband and focuses on other things. That's what I believe and that's how I feel about women being self-reliant

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I'm sure that's the way it should be. Independence is perhaps one of the states that can give you much more security as a person. Self-sufficient women not only value themselves more but are able to demand respect and courage from others. The fact that some women are dependent on their husbands, boyfriends, husbands or others, creates in her a problem of self-esteem and she may see the other person as her owner or someone who may have the right to command and abuse her. 

At the moment, in thousands of cultures, women are struggling to have the same opportunities as men, the same rights, if this is so, we must also assume the responsibilities that it means to get ahead in our work, in society.

I am particularly worried and saddened to see women, in the 21st century, looking for men to solve their lives economically, to support them, to take care of them and give them everything they need, without thinking that this is a new form of prostitution and that by doing this, you are giving your life as a guarantee to the other person.

When we live in a world where there are women astronauts, doctors, architects; where they have already become presidents of important countries like Germany, we cannot be believing that the prince is going to come and solve your life! Today's women don't wear glass slippers but converse to walk better and get where they want to go. 



Absolutely. It is a human need and right. It is probably an innate quality we all have but one that gets distorted or dwarfed by society. Self-reliance would mean the end of many oppressive situations and also the end of some business founded on women’s insecurities.

Women have been historically oppressed and even though much has changed and much of that victimization has been abused, it is a fact that some of the mechanisms that turn women into dependent and manipulative beings are more active than ever. As a parent of 4 girls, it worries me that the models of womanhood my daughters get from media and society as a whole conflict with the fundamental principles of self-reliance (trust one’s powers or resources, rather than others’).

Self-reliance would allow young women to understand that they do not have to depend on societal myths and conventions regarding gender roles and divinely ordained subordination. That would make life so much easy for most men, who ironically, by turning their women into decorative items, overload themselves with responsibilities and unnecessary stress. 

I have witnessed several instances of men who, not trusting their women’s abilities to performed traditionally manly tasks, such as driving, have gotten in needless trouble. Some women do not drive because their husbands have never allowed them to learn. More than that, they have made them feel so insecure about their capacity to learn and do it well, that they do not even dare to try to learn on their own.

Most of the drama teenage girls experience in their formative years come from insecurities planted in their brains by parents, the media and the institutions that are supposed to help them grow healthily (school, church, etc.). Girls get obsessed with fashion and looks as if their only purpose in life were to attract males. Then they get all kinds of heart ache derived from the expectations of their behavior as partners. They are expected to sacrifice all their dreams and aspirations, to suspend their plans and disregard their talents, and then, if they are dumped, they are left empty handed, unconfident, and broken.

Self-reliance must be encourage from early age and if parents do not do it, someone else should. Some institution must show women and men that in it is in their best benefit to negotiate spaces and respect individualities in ways that would allow mutual growth and development. If we are so sure that “strength lies in unity,” how come we don’t apply that valuable principle to gender relations? 



I think all adults should be prepared to be fully independent if such need emerges. Whether such need exist or not is a separate issue.

A bicycle is a great means of transport.

But a fish don't need a bicycle.

Nor some People need to be independent.

So Why should they Force themselves to be?

Unless they feel a need to, I see no reason to.


I personally believe that every girl should be self reliant because it makes a girl gain more respect in the society,it also helps to boost the self confidence of the girl,

it will also enable a girl to be able to avoid those type of guys that would want use money to impress her and get into her pants after which they will dump her,when a lady is self reliant it enables her to have the opportunity to be able to succeed in life without waiting for anyone...


Why not? everyone has the right to reach their fullest potential and that includes being self reliant. All people should be self reliant. It's everyone's right to have a means to pursue their fullest potential. 


Self-reliance means independence. The ability  to think and act without help or influence of others. The confidence and freedom to decide what should be or do. Here we are talking about girls to be self-reliant or not. Obviously independence and freedom to do anything is birth right of every human being so it also apply on girls. Girls are also part of this society and can do anything on their own not for only their self but also for their family and loved one's.

Girls should be taught to be self confident and to have self respect that comes only with reliance. A girl should be contingent enough to make any decision and take any step without hesitation of failure. And with the confidence that she is enough to do so and she needs no one.

In present time self reliance for girls is a need. When a girl have confidence she will try to be good in her each field and experiment her ideas in it.

For their better future and in this costly world all girl should be self-reliant in every sense


Pros for being self-reliant

* True happiness. 

* Mentally and solely  satisfaction.

* Security.

* Feeling of being guardian for loved ones.

Set your own course and take charge of your life.Girls should be self-reliant for their own self and for their self respect and for that true happiness.

Sometimes girls are not provided the right platform to show their skills and talents.

Wear the shoos in her foot and wait to see the destination, just like that girls just need platform to show their ideas, skills and talents. Women is the power that seems to be nothing but it's every thing. Even Woman herself can't measure her capacity. Sometimes it's hard to do that because of the people around them. But a true lady is who makes Bridget with those bricks thrown at her.


 Self-reliance is the only road to true freedom. A successful women is one who can build a girl foundation with the bricks others have thrown at her. I think the girl who is able to earn her own living and pay her own way should be as happy as anybody on earth. The sense of independence and security is very sweet.

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GOD has given to his human creature all the means necessary to survive and sustain himself. He gave him intelligence, reasoning, imagination and the ability to act. These skills exist to enable the individual to survive and live better. Therefore, except in the case of actual physical or mental disability, each individual must seek to provide for himself. It is the condition of his dignity and his freedom.

This need to provide for oneself concerns both men and women. Men should not be the only ones to support the family. Women must also provide for themselves and their families. They must at least contribute to it. This makes it possible to lighten the load of the man and to increase the means of the family. It also allows the woman to have some financial autonomy. And this prevents the woman from being dependent on another person. Indeed, dependence on someone is not a good thing. This deprives some of his freedom. It can also deprive one's dignity or even security if the other person is abusing the situation.

It is therefore good that women perform an activity that earns them money. They thus gain autonomy, a certain material freedom and even a richer social life.

For a woman to work, she must have the means. It means first that it should not be banned. No one should prevent an individual from choosing his life and working if he wishes. This applies to both men and women. Women should not be oppressed or locked up at home. Cultures that are used to misunderstanding women do not respect the law of GOD. And they deprive themselves of an essential resource for their society.

To be able to work, it is also necessary that the woman has received the necessary education and training. It is therefore important to allow young girls to go to school and study. We must encourage them to learn. And we must encourage them to choose the path that really pleases them and that will enable them to play a role in society. Women should not be confined to trades traditionally reserved for them. There is no job to be reserved for men or women.

It is also important to entrust women with responsibilities. They have the means to assume them as well as men. They generally have different approaches to those of men. They are therefore complementary. Having men and women in positions of responsibility is therefore a wealth. And it's also a guarantee of a more balanced and responsible business direction.

Society has everything to gain by enabling women to study, work and take responsibility. Women also have everything to gain from working, especially for their development and autonomy. Men also have a lot to gain from giving women their place in the world of work and responsibilities. When there is collaboration between men and women, business is generally better managed and performance is better. The biggest companies are seeing this and are giving more and more to women.

If you are a woman, take charge. Seek to have your place, not to depend on anyone, to be independent and to play your part in society. If you are a man, welcome women to the world of work. Encourage them, cooperate with them, and see how things are doing better.