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Global warming is rising day by day we are facing more heat and dust in our environment how can we help our environment?
I think just try to plant a single tree from each person can rteduce this problem.otherwise there will not be clean environment for us to live and no oxygen to breath.try to reduce the use of vehicles and other pollution causing things.

There are many ways for us to be able to reduce the pollution on the planet. By starting small and local or even within the household, that will be a big help already.

On the internet, there are various lists of things to do to help our environment. Planting trees is one, reducing the use of plastic is another. It is best to find what we can do in our own small way. We can't be a zero waste person immediately but we can slowly but surely do it if we decide to.


good to know that there are others who have the same thought as I have in this world. Well, i guess, the most important thing is to educate as many youth these days as we can. They are the new generation of our world and will be there to make sure our world becomes a better place.

Other than that, we have to really do our own part. Like recycling. I usually dispose only those things I think I have no choice but to dispose. If I checked and these things can be recycled, i would do so by recycling the item to make sure it doesn't end up at landfills and would be recycled. These days I also have bought less items which i do not need in order to make sure I have less impact and carbon footprint on the world. 

I think it takes a lot of effort. We can plant as many plants as we can. One day, when it reaches a point, hopefully everything get sorted out. Well, it is a pity isn't it. There are also good impacts too nowadays as I have seen many reports of educated families reducing the number of babies that they have which would one day result in less population and less use of land and resources. I guess education and awareness are the keys to success in the battle of the environment. 


The best way to deal with abatement an unsafe barometrical devation is, with no vulnerability, slashing down our anthropogenic outpourings of ozone hurting substances. Regardless, the world economy is devotee to essentialness, which is basically conveyed by fossil carbon powers. As budgetary advancement and growing aggregate masses require progressively imperativeness, we can't stop using non-sustainable power sources quickly, nor in a without a moment's hesitation.

From one perspective, supplanting this reliance with carbon sans dioxide supportable power sources, and imperativeness capability will be long, expensive and troublesome. On the other hand, meanwhile ground-breaking game plans are made (i.e. blend essentialness), an all inclusive temperature lift can be alleviated by various methods.

Some geoengineering plans propose sun fueled radiation organization headways that alter natural albedo or reflect moving toward shortwave sun based radiation back to space.

In this paper we separate the physical and specific ability of a couple of disquieting progressions that could fight natural change by enhancing dynamic longwave radiation and chilling off the Earth. The developments proposed are control making systems that can trade warm from the Earth surface to the upper layers of the troposphere and after that to the space. The mild capacity of a part of these progressions is penniless down as they can meanwhile convey practical power source, in this way decrease and check future ozone hurting substances radiations, and besides present a better societal affirmation generally than geoengineering.


Hitherto, global warming has been a dreadful threat which we off cause know the steps to ending it. But the problem lies in the fact that we are not making moves towards stopping it. We only just take about the cause and the danger of it but never acts.

Global warming effect shouldn't be take insignificantly. If the polar cap begins to melt the more have we ever thought about the incoming flood which is going to vandalize many country.

Global warming is majorly caused by refactory gas, that is, gases that can trap heat, like carbon(iv)oxide, the CFCS e.t.c. We basicly know how those gases are released into the atmosphere. Carbon(iv)oxide is majorly released into the atmosphere by vehicles and animals during respiration. Carbon(iv)oxide can be minimized also by respiration, due to the fact that as animal breath out or produce carbon(iv)oxide into the atmosphere, the plant take in or reduce the rate of carbon(iv)oxide in the atmosphere. Therefore afforestation and tree planting should be encouraged while defforestation should be discouraged. Although, this has been encouraged in some country. But some countries are yet to comply.

The CFCs(chloroflorocarbons) are majorly produced by refrigirator. They are used as refrigirant. They have the ability to react with the ozone layer and liberate oxygen, thereby depleting the ozone layer. The ozone layer shield us from the excessive heat and radiation from the sun. So, as the ozone layer is depleting, more heat and radiation gains access to the earth thereby leading to global warming. Although, The CFCs have be replaced by a less dangerous refrigerants know as The HCFCs(Hydro chloroflorocarbons) which can not deplete the ozone layer. But in some countries till date, the CFCs are still encouraged. This is a regression.

The basics way to end this global warming is by educating the world on the cause and the brutal effect and the prevention.


Countries around the globe are increasing their diversion in the battle against environmental change, even as President Trump as of late reported the U.S's. withdrawal from the Paris Agreement. What's more, in spite of this rash move, American chairmen, state pioneers, province authorities, governors, real organizations, and a huge number of nationals over our nation have swore that they're "still in" with regards to the understanding, and supporting the objective of constraining future warming to well underneath 2 degrees Celsius. 

Far and away superior, another activity by previous New York City chairman Michael Bloomberg gives the urban layer of this development a lift. He's asked chairmen from the 100 most crowded urban areas in the nation to share their plans for making their structures and transportation frameworks run cleaner and all the more proficiently. The 20 that demonstrate the best potential for cutting the risky carbon contamination that is driving environmental change will share a sum of $70 million in specialized help financing given by Bloomberg Philanthropies and accomplices. 

It's imperative to recollect the similarly essential commitments that can be made by private subjects—or, in other words, by you. "Change just happens when people make a move," Aliya Haq, agent chief of NRDC's Clean Power Plan activity, says. "There's no other way, on the off chance that it doesn't begin with individuals." 

The objective is basic. Carbon dioxide is the atmosphere's most exceedingly bad foe. It's discharged when oil, coal, and other petroleum derivatives are copied for vitality—the vitality we use to control our homes, autos, and cell phones. By utilizing less of it, we can check our own commitment to environmental change while additionally setting aside extra cash.