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How will the world be without media?
I thin it will be darker and silent everywhere.we are habitual of facilities of media.it has a deep impact in our lives.are you agree with me or not?

If you ask me how the world would be without the presence of the media, I'd day the world would be boring, there wouldn't be the existence of international or transnational relationships nor communication, the world would just be a big piece of land divided by large oceans and a wide variety of people with tribes and religions.

I'd say this because, the interconnectivity of the world solely relies on the media as agents of globalization. Marshal McLuhan's prediction that the would become so interconnected that it would literarily be called a global village and at the centre of this assertion is the media.

The reason why the world is known to be smaller it's actual physical size is because of the presence of the various types of media, be it the mass media or the social media which is responsible for the education, information, transmission of cultural heritage and entertainment as propounded by Charles Wright and other communication professional.

As stated earlier, the presence of the media is the reason why communication across borders exist. Permit me to note that the radio was instrumental to the ending of the second World War when the then American President sent a world wide broadcast through the radio to the warring countries. So the use of the media and it's presence in the world system cannot be overemphasized.

Furthermore, the media is known to be the fourth estate and also the all seeing eyebof the masses responsible for making the government in all tiers responsible to the will and caprices of the masses. The media performs oversight function to the three arms of government and ensure that the rights of the masses are not trampled on. In addition, the media is known to be the watchdog of the society and a watch tower in the society making the world become aware of happenings in the different parts of the world through information dissemination using the mass media.

Conclusively, I'd say the presence and importance of the media in the world today cannot be overemphasized because it's the reason why the dream of Marshal McLuhan of the world becoming a global is actualized. Furthermore the presence of the media has been instrumental to the globalization of the world and responsible for spurring development in all parts of the world.


Once upon a time, rudimentary forms of media existed, such as utilizing carrier pigeon's to transfer a message to someone. Imagine just how many things could go wrong with this kind of communication, as well as how long it would take!

My point is, we figure out ways to communicate one way or another. If media was to cease, we would still figure out a way to get our messages to one another in some way , shape, or form. Especially if it was modern day, and we were stripped of internet, phones, and television.

It would probably be somewhat comical for a person like me to witness (I have a messed up sense of humor when things go exactly as I predict) I am pretty sure I can predict with some accuracy, that mass panic and confusion would ensue. I really think some people would go insane in a matter of mere hours, as a result of "not knowing what to do".

It's hard to consider how locked into the network we've become, until you take it away.

You will see me disappear from musing for a day or two once a week, because I take breaks from this life. The internet is a completely different reality, and it's important to realize this, and disconnect from it. 

I really wish people would take me seriously when I tell them this. For my son, it isn't optional. He is not allowed to have a conversation with me with his face in a tablet. He can put it down for 5 minutes to talk about school with me, or what things are going on in life, and I am actually not very hard on him with this, but I make it a point to explain to him that the internet is a new and mysterious thing that is not natural to man. I know he doesn't understand this, but he will eventually, and I hope I equip him with the tools necessary to not become mindlessly dependent. 

I think a world without media, might be a better place, but I also don't think it's even a possibility, because of our inherent nature to communicate. 


I think it would be great. Of course I am referring to the classic media. I like to have all sort of news served in a feed everyday and to know what happens all around the world but I don't like fake and manipulated news. In my opinion most of the media outlets nowadays are manipulating facts and are serving us lies. Thus I consider that such media could easily "go extinct" because I don't find its use case at all. On the other hand having alternative media outlets, even created on blockchain, would be great. I would love to have articles to read from authors all around the world that share valuable and accurate information and that they are trustworthy. For that I would give my thumbs up and I would even tip some of the authors, but the classic media definitely not. In most of the cases is just garbage. I have studied journalism and wanted to work for some media outlets but when I saw the cruel reality I said NO. I don't own a TV anymore for more than 15 years by the way and don't watch TV at all. I prefer collecting my information from other sources than the classic media. From my point of view it could go extinct at any time. It wouldn't bother me at all.