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Smoking is a bad habit but why do we have advertisements on them?
Advertisements of any of drug and cigrette should be banned on world level.it is ruining our society.

The finance invested in the tobacco industry is the sole reason. The profit made from the sale of tobacco is phenomenal. The tax's governments make from tobacco is even bigger. 

Some countries have banned the advertisement of tobacco products and even went as far as to ban the visible display of them in shops.

The advertisement campaigns are now concentrated in countries where the damaging effects of tobacco are not so well publicised and the persona of smoking is cool is portrayed. Smoking means you are tough. This image is pushed by the tobacco industry to keep new addicts coming as others die off.

Brass tacks are the finance it generates for those who control it is so big. The extent of their wealth has an ability to effect other things in society should their source of income be disrupted,

It takes people on the street to work toward a healthier lifestyle and work together to make it happen. There may always be tobacco smokers, But access to knowledge and understanding of the damaging effects will eventually with time reduce the industry to a position where it is no longer affordable to produce tobacco for the return it will bring.

There are 72 cancer causing agents added to tobacco. 

You have to wonder why.


You are asking someone who worked for a tobacco company for years in Africa and the United Kingdom. The advertising bans have had an effect but it won't stop. The more you make it harder to get the more people will want it. 

The governments were forced to put advertising bans by public pressure. In the UK advertising was banned including the cigarette packet itself. that is why it s close behind a display door now. The government however did drag their heels on it as it was huge revenue for them. At the time 80 Percent of a retail price on one box was tax. We had to remove most of the advertising but you will see certain things remaining like the Marlboro emblem without the word Marlboro visible. It is so iconic though as everyone knows what brand it is.

Go to china and see how big smoking is and how much money the Chinese Government rakes in. The Chinese Tobacco company dwarfs all the other cigarette companies world wide. At one stage 60 percent of all cigarettes sold were in China.

One day there will be a ban on advertising worldwide but the reality is the revenue produced by the governments is that huge. They see it as a cash cow and don't really want to mess with it.

I wouldn't go as far and say it is ruining our society as alcohol is far worse.


This is the hardest question i ever meet in musing.io. Let me try to answer this : why cigarette ads still there even cigarette is dangerous?

 1. Because there are no rules prohibiting cigarette advertising
2. Because the government does not make rules that prohibit it.
3. Because there are also many government officials who smoke
4. Because cigarette tax is also a big government income 

Nah,  maybe my answer sounds stupid, but that's the reality. 


Medically smoking has been proven to be health hazardous but that nonetheless wasn't enough for most nations government to impose absolute laws banning the smoking of cigarettes. Smoking can be hazardous not only to smokers but also on people hanging around smokers.

The law doesn't see anything wrong with people making their personal decisions to smoke and so don't place ban on smoking make some law in most countries guiding how and mostly where people can smoke.

For Example in south Africa, some definite laws like prohibitions on Smoking in a public areas, cars, partially enclosed pubic places, commercial childcare and more are imposed, even adverts are imposed.

In Nigeria some of This laws are imposed but are not enforced. The case of Nigerian is mostly no implementation of the state laws guiding the tobacco industries.


I have never been a smoker, but it all comes down to revenue - the cigarette companies are making HUGE profits. I'm sure they all know that cigarettes are bad for people, but the money they are making is massive.

I agree that they shouldn't be able to advertise cigarettes as they are harming people and our society in general - putting a strain on our health system! However, what they really need to do to stop people from smoking is to educate them about the harms of smoking and make smoking 'not cool' and not acceptable.

This has been the case in New Zealand, and it has taken about 20 years, but now people are smoking less and less as it isn't cool any more. The taxes on smoking are becoming higher and higher aswell so in another generation there will be barely any smokers in New Zealand