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Unemployment is the biggest problem of these days why are we facing this problem in our countries and how can this be solved?
Unemployment is causing many problems these days like theft robery,suiside or even people are killing people's for money and one of main,cause of this horrible and terrible situation is unemployment.I think all governments and private sectors should try to eliminate this problem.we also can do this by helping povers in time of need.

As you have stated already in your question. The threat of unemployment and its resultant effects in most countries are terrifying, especially for the youth who are supposed to be the future of any country. Hence affecting every aspect of a country negatively.

The statistical rate of unemployment in my country was said to be at 18.8% as at the 3rd quarter of last year. Ask anyone from here and they will tell you that statistics was trying to downplay the unemployment situations as it could be well over 50%. It is definitely worse that the story that 18.8% is trying this tell.

So how do we reduce the effects if not solve the unemployment crisis totally. This will take some organizational and government efforts as well as efforts from individuals.

Education Reform.

'Reformation' is a word that people like throwing around here without definite efforts to seeing it done. Apart from learning to read and write, the educational system is almost useless in this part in terms of acquisitions of skills. It seems people go to school to learn how write and read words and numbers without having any knowledge of applying them. All courses, or most courses should have practical skills that is useful not only in the labour market but that will also serve in pursuing self employment.


The truth is most people go to school to learn how to fit into a corporate environment earning fat salary. The reality however is there are not many of such positions, even the ones with 'slim' salary are difficult to come by now. Entrepreneurship should be encouraged and made compulsory for most course of study. During my time in school, we had an entrepreneurship program that was taught casually or not at all. We were simply given a material to go through before exam. More attentions need to be given to entrepreneurship.

Embrace Technology As A Productive Tool

In this part, internet is seen as a tool to socialize and do assignments. Many people are yet to realize the power of internet and many opportunities to explore on it. A lot of people are still stuck in the 90s idea of what Internet is and have no clue of what the blockchain Technology is. There needs to be a lot of sensitisation on new technologies and 'wonders' you can create with them.

Production Over Importation.

Importation seems like the easy way out for 'lazy' countries. This leads to any country sacrificing it's growth and employment of her citizens for a quick fix. A country should should never outsource or import what it as capability to produce.

This also goes for agriculture. For any county to reduce her rate of unemployment and increase her sustainability. More investment needs to be put into agriculture, especially mechanised agriculture for more productivity.


Follow the trails. Unemployment is what you get if there aren't enough jobs, who creates jobs, people with money who can build a company. But why don't they do it ?! Government regulations, by having high taxes and corruption by choosing favorites. So the people with money go somewhere else to do their business.

To simplify it, people with money, spend money. The more they have, the more they spend, the more people receive this money, so they themselves can spend it.  You can create jobs by having rich people spend their money in the same place where they get it from, and by not scaring them away. So three things you will need to do to fix this problem, encourage people to start a company, have free market, and don't scare rich people away by asking more of them just because they have money, because they will just go to another place. Oh, and fourth, most important one, that people should spend their money back in the same country where they live.


Unemployment is really a problem, probably more prevalent in third world countries. There situation has continued to deteriorate and there is hardly anything that can be done. It's like the a car, or a piece of rock falling off a cliff. The best you can do is pray for the effect to be less damaging. That's because a damage is must certainly occur.

Unemployment is prevalent in most of these countries because of the government that are are on the seats of power. These leaders are usually corrupt and only think about themselves. They are only moved by-product what they can gain rather than what they can offer the people. They feed on the little the people have to offer and provide little to nothing in return. You see them impose outrageous taxes on the people and use the judiciary to force their hands.

The legislature too doesn't help matter. They formulate and enact lawsuit that's would only favor their course leaving the struggling masses to themselves and to the poverty that engulfs them like flames in a burning house.

Unemployment indexes keep rising higher everyday and these leaders find ways to influence the news so that the eyes of the public and outside world are blinded to the true state of the happenings in their regions. They attend conferences where other world leaders are gathered and spew lies from their mouths, they inflate figures to make it look like they are working.

The only solution right now is for the citizenry to start looking out of the box. They shouldn't depend on government provisions and handouts and start seeking ways they can add value. Money will always come when there is value added. As a matter of fact, money is the reward for value addition. Thank God for the internet today, people can key into the economy of other more successful countries and gain something for themselves and I mean that in the positive and legal way. The can learn skills online that they can charge a few for.

People should learn to be more concerned about the plight of their fellow men. It's not just about amassing wealth and oneself but about looking our for the needs of those around. The world will remember you not for the wealth you achieved while on earth but for the impact you had on the lives of those around you. In so doing, unemployment and starvation will be a thing of the past.