What is freedom ?
I think the word freedom has many meanings.according to me a simple defination of freedom is that we should have the freedom to say everything what we want and do what we want.

To be able to do what we want, and when we want to do it. Or say it.

But: in respect to others (including animals, nature,...), and to yourself!


Freedom for me is having the ability to think for myself and being allowed to make my own decisions in life. There are so many different things that influence our way of thinking and how we live our lives. If we were  to follow all that is being projected onto us, that we would  never be free to discover who we really are as a person. 

Some people see freedom as having the ability to move around, to go where they wish and of course that is a certain type of freedom. But really freedom comes with how we see and judge ourselves. If we are strong in our beliefs then we are harder to manipulate and therefore we have the greatest freedom of all, the freedom to be who we are meant to be. To live in our natural state. There is no stronger prison, then the prison we create in our own minds.


Freedom is a lot of things

  • freedom means saying things without having the fear of sword hanging above your head
  • freedom means doing anything you like without having to answer for every small thing '
  • freedom means having the right to choose a partner
  • freedom means having the right to education 
  • it means having the right to love anyone without any bias
  • freedom means not having to choose between loved ones
  • freedom means having the right to eat what one likes
  • freedom means having the right to earn wages that is at least decent 
  • freedom means having a political party giving you the right to live like how you want and not based on somebody else's ideologies 

(answer not intended to hurt anybody's feeling)


Freedom  is the power or perfect to act, talk, or think as one needs without deterrent or limitation, and the nonattendance of a domineering government. 

Here are the open doors guaranteed by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution: "Congress will make no law with respect to an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or consolidating the privilege to talk unreservedly, or of the press; or the benefit of the all inclusive community discreetly to assemble, and to demand of the Government for a difference in objections." 

Chance of the press blocks the governing body from intruding with the printing and scattering of information or suppositions. It might be compelled by maligning and copyright laws, and it excludes the show of news gathering. 

Chance of social event, all over used proportionally with the chance of alliance, is the individual perfect to get together and aggregately express, advance, look for after and shield essential interests. The benefit to chance of association is seen as a human right, a political chance and a typical opportunity. This open door can be confined by laws that protected open prosperity. 

Chance of enunciation consolidates the privilege to talk uninhibitedly, of the press, of relationship, of get together and ask. This open door doesn't extend to verbalization that censures, causes solidify, makes words that ask to be protected, incites people to bad behavior, makes disruption, or is nauseating. 

The privilege to talk unreservedly is the benefit of people to express their sentiments straightforwardly without managerial impedance. The benefit doesn't extend to severely dislike talk, publicizing, tyke sexual amusement, and a few unique cases. 

Chance of religion is the chance of an individual or system, out in the open or private, to indicate religion or trust in instructing, practice, love, and acknowledgment. This benefit contacts any religious conviction, yet not in the demonstration of each religious activity (for example, ones that incorporate exceeding diff


I define freedom as the ability to use your will without any restrictions. the will of a man, makes the man. A man that can express his will can express himself /herself. Thus, anything that restricts you from expressing your will is holding you hostage.

If you can do what you want to do, go where you want to go without any fear of someone penalizing you for that, you're free. So freedom is simply being in control of your will. That's my personal definition of freedom


If I can do what I want, when I want to, believe in what I want to, so long as I don't infringe another person's personal liberty to do the same then I would say I am free.

Freedom takes many forms, such as:

- of speech

- of expression

- of economic activity

- of association

- of religious belief, or lack thereof


Is a right of act, think, or speak as what we want to.