Which cryptocurrency should invest now, in order to get extraordinary profits (about 100x fold) in 1 year?
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Probably not going to happen. The market will continue to decline then have sideways movement for a while before it takes off again. Not sure we will see it this year. 

Given that your goals are that ambitious you will have to invest in some type of very, very early stage and low valued token with a great concept, super iterative roadmap and plan to ICO within the year after you’ve invested in it.

Yet, given the amount of those questions and the reality factor of both the questions and the utopia envisaged, I can but answer with the following image.

I don't think it is realistically possible to predict a single cryptocurrency that will increase x100 within the next year. The most likely scenario I see that happening is an ERC-20 ethereum token going from around $0.01 USD to around $1.0 USD.

You can view the prices of ERC-20 tokens listed on https://etherscan.io/tokens. Maybe finding a few of the cheap ones might be a start. Research the tokens and try to determine which ones look promising. Some of them are even fractions of a penny.

Of course, only invest what you can afford to lose.

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While I definitely think that EOS and Steem are great choices,  this kind of thing can be impossible to predict.

For a coin to go up 100 times in only one year it is possible that some outside factor will have to occur.  For example, let us say that Amazon decides that they will start taking XVG as a means of payment.   

This could set XVG off like a rocket,   especially if it's the only token that they take.   However, there's no way anybody could know what sort of thing like that might happen. It's the unpredictable that makes a coin take off. If Facebook dies,  and people stream over to Steemit.... all bets are off.  Moon time.  No one can say though.

This is why a lot of people say to diversify.   The coin that goes up a hundred times could very well be one that you have in your portfolio as long as you have a large diversity of coins.

Making 100x of your investment on a cryptocurrency within a year is not something strange and many

people have achieved that while doing the cryptocurrency trading business,those that bought

bitcoin earlier when the price was more lower also made such profit on their investment after currently

reselling it at a higher price,now lets look at the orher cryptocurrencies and see which one could make an

investor make such profit right now,if we look at the qualities of many cryptocurrencies that has a very great

future and can be used to earn a massive profit then the cryptocurrency that sincerely first came to my mind

was “:steem” steem blockchain now has many wonderful projects going on it and these projects are

projects that will increase the demands of steem because many people will not want to miss out on this

wonderful projects so they start powering up their steem wallet and that will definitely cause an increased

demand of steem and that would make the steem price to keep rising higher and higher,the SMT that will be

launched next year is also a very great news that would also have a great positive impact on the price of

steem.....another cryptocurrency that people should watch out for is the ethereum,i see ethereum still

gaining more increase in price especially with the way that more people are now making use of the Erc 20

platform and that would also lead to an increase in the demands for ethereum...so an investor that wants to

earn massive profits on their investments within a year should invest on ethereum and definitely steem too...

I like to suggest to invest on steem, where you can make an extraordinary profit about 100X. But the conditions are: you have to be awake and it'll take 5 to 10 years according to my calculations. At the same time cryptocurrency is a matter of high risk, you can loose your investment too. So the honest suggestion is, invest a portion of your net worth that you afford to loose and let them grow for 10 years or more in Cryptocurrency. But if you are a high risk taker & wanna gambling then invest as much as you can.

You might be thinking why steem ? Well steem is the currency of Steemit, which growing up and getting more & more popular exponentially day by day, so the chances to grow the Steem price is multiple times more than other virtual currencies, also the current steem price is only about $1 , which is affordable & quite easy to become $100 in years, rather than to become $70,000 for bitcoin which current price is about $7,000.

To be able to answer this question, you should first analyze the existing cryptocurrency. The analysis can be in the form of fundamental analysis (related to news of cryptocurrency development) or through technical analysis on the price of bitcoin, ehtereum, litecoin, etc.

If you do not objectively analyze and only follow gossip or suggestions from other people then I suggest not investing in cryptocurrency because of course even if the price of the cryptocurrency increases, you cannot estimate which cryptocurrency will meet your expectations unless you have conduct analysis both fundamentally and technically that can support these suggestions.

Wise in investing is the main key to your success and the wisest attitude in investing is that you do your own analysis of risk and profitability. That's because only you know for certain about your finances as well as the conditions you are facing.

I won't say one year, but If I had money, I would buy Steem or EOS. Trust me that 100X figure will seem like a joke in five years.....