What are the things needed before exploring the outside world?

When you travel, it can be a fun and exciting adventure. But you must also be careful and take steps to safeguard your journey. You need to have following figured out:

- How much money will be required accounting also for the unexpected expenses.

- Taking immunizations/shots before going to places where there may be an outbreak of a disease.

- Have all the necessary visa(s) and passport issues researched out.

- At least know 1 point person or organization whom you can contact and rely on. It also helps to have contact information of the embassy in that region.

- Learn some basic language words, numbers and phrases if the place you are visiting do not have many English speakers. 

- Have your camera, chargers, maps, guidebooks and all the essential items to make your trips worth remembering.


For those of you who are planning to go abroad for the first time, don't forget to bring these items.

1. Visa

If you want to vacation abroad, a visa is the first thing that must be considered if you want to travel to a country that needs a visa. To make a visa, we only need to open an official website, telephone or come directly to the destination embassy to get as much information as possible. And don't forget to prepare complete documents, because not infrequently many visa applicants are denied because of one reason or another. Or you can also ask for help from an official travel agent.

2. Currency Exchange

The second thing that must be considered is the currency exchange rate of the country to be addressed. Before exchanging money, occasionally check on the internet the local currency exchange rate. There are not many money changers in Indonesia that have currencies in countries like Thailand or India. We recommend that you first exchange the Rupiah into the United States Dollar and then exchange it at the local airport.

3. National holiday

In addition to winter and summer, ticket prices and accommodation abroad are also expensive when local countries celebrate national holidays. Don't forget to also check the red dates in the destination country.

4. Service Tip

Unlike Asia, in America and Europe, tipping for the service industry is a merit. But sometimes there are also restaurants that have charged a 'service charge' on the bill. In addition to restaurants and hotels, the service industry that deserves to be tipped is a taxi driver or a spa officer.

5. Language

Mastering a little local language can help make travel easier too. Mastery of local languages ​​is also useful if we bargain at traditional markets, ask for ways or other things.


10 equipment that you must carry during the holidays.

1. Money and documents for unexpected purposes

Vacation Anywhere, don't forget to bring money and travel documents such as an itinerary and passport. because if you forget to bring a passport, let alone take a vacation, You will not be able to enter the plane. Passports can also be used for "tickets" to enter places such as clubs or bars.

2. Travel bag for all equipment

If you are going to bring lots of big equipment like a camera, a duffel bag is your choice. But, if you want a beautiful vacation that requires a lot of clothes and so on,

3. Camera To capture beautiful moments

when on vacation everyone needs to bring a camera. Especially if the destination is very good. Reportedly, with a camera that is ready for photos, you will be more careful and look around you with different views. You will get used to finding the beauty point of everything because you think about how to get beautiful photos that you can capture.

4. Sanitary equipment, look clean wherever you go

Sanitation tools such as anti-germ soap, toothbrushes, facial wash soaps, hand gels, or combs must definitely be your priority when you are packing.

5. Sunglasses, to keep cool in the hot weather

Indeed, sunglasses can protect you from the glare of the sun, but do you know that even the snow reflects 80% of the ultraviolet light that can damage your eyes?

6. Headset, because you need music to accompany you

This is one of the equipment must carry when you are on a plane, especially if you are on a long flight. Instead of getting bored for hours, you better fill your time by listening to songs on the plane.

7. Sandals or comfortable shoes

Imagine If you want to look around the city and have to walk long distances using stylish shoes that are not comfortable at all,

8. Travel charger, because plugs are not always universal

When packing, this is probably the first equipment you remember. How is it not? If there is no travel charger, you will not be able to play your cellphone freely.

9. Masking tape for emergencies

Maybe you will be a little confused with this one? What is the point of carrying tape when you are on vacation? But, you need to know that masking tape can help you in an emergency.

10. Emergency medicine, when the pain hit

Emergency equipment may be used to treat diseases due to lack of hygiene, but in fact emergency equipment is more intended.