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What is luck ,it is important for success or not?
Luck ar fate is a small world around which over whole life revolves In QURAN E Pak it is clearly mentioned "man will have all things fir which he works hard" But a question remains if we work hard then why we failed in our trails is it fate?yes but not more nothing can be done without the permission of Allah almighty if HE wants to gave us the thing we wanted we absolutely get that May be the thing which we desire will be harmful fir us but Allah wants to gave us which is benefical for us May be we are wanting the flower but He wants to gave us bunch of flowers Dnt be disapointed inevery case 50% is luck 50% is hard work both these have breath and lice relation Without the will of Allah or luck we cant be succeed so fact is that try your best to achieve your goal and last left on your luck means on your Allah He nevers makes you disappointed Accept your failures accept your bad luck today,s your bed luck will become a key to your success for tomorrow keep smile and become luck is in your hand close it and get it

I can't say that it is important on a person's success or not but I am sure that is associated with the term probability or chance or likelihood that something would happen, appear or positively/negatively occur. On the other hand, luck could have various of meanings nowadays. Some would use it to motivate others just by uttering that word. Some also would use it to calculate mathematically/statistically the probability of something to occur like those on gamblings, casinos and lotteries.

Whether it's important or not, one should take the risk to know what's the probability or luck of him/her to succeed in life. But that one should do the work, dedicate his time for the work and do the hardest work.


In some cases luck can be important for success. Before I give my reason let me explain luck. Luck is when you make use of opportunities at the right time. Think of luck as that chance you took to leave your classmates before a mass punishment was given to your entire class.

Let me give an example where luck led to a friend's success.

I know a guy that accompanied his friend to an interview only to get interviewed and given the job. Now that's one lucky man said my mum but think of it like this. He was at the right place and at the right time but he was the sole proprietor of the whole outcome. If he hadn't followed his friend, he would've missed the opportunity. But as he did he has been termed a lucky man.

Now these opportunities are limited and of our once or twice in a thousand and it's not everyone that gets this chance. So what happens to the remaining people who can't get this opportunity ? .

That's where hardwork comes in for the unlucky few who couldn't get the opportunities. They have to rely either on hardwork or thier connections to succeed in life.


On a personal note, luck is what happens when uncontrollable occurrences seem to just be favouring one's aims and objectives. Is luck really important for success? I would not say yes neither say no.

A person that wants to achieve something must definitely work towards it within his/her own human capacity. If the human capacity is enough to achieve that something, then no luck is actually needed in this case.

However, if what the human wants to achieve have some factors that are not within his/her capacity to control, then such person can only do the controllable parts and then hopes the uncontrollable parts work out in his/her favour. In this case, a bit of luck is needed.

Lastly, there is a popular saying that 'you sometimes make your own luck'. When you work hard to achieve a particular aim or objectives, things seem to always fall in place unlike when you do virtually nothing and expects miracle. People really do make their own lucks.


Yes. Luck is most important for your success. Success is not only depends on hard work. Because a labour man is also a hard worker but he can not acheive success like a person who have a better luck.

Luck is not ditectly related to our work. Because everyone has different luck. And he should have to earn benifits from the luck which is provded by the God.

But i beleive that every person has unique luck side area. So try to understand that area which you have better than other. Understand the place where you get success. So if you learn about you successive area. You can say you are a lucky person.

If you beleive on yourself than tou can acheive the goals. Which you want to get.


Well, there is a saying that nothing is certain in life. I know you must have heard all your life that hard work pays but that is not always the case. There are so many people giving their best but in the end, it amounts to nothing, whilst there are other people who put little or no effort into what they do but they get rewarded. Take the steemit trending section, for example, you would see that a lot of posts there are not worth it. That's just life for you.

Coming back to the question, yes you need luck. However, it's just one piece of the puzzle. The other half is dedication. Think of it as a gamble, you try several things using different strategies and one day it clicks. It might not be your best effort that gets you your big break but the fact that you've been trying gives you a better chance.


Depends on the definition of 'luck'...

If you define it as 'seeing opportunities when they occur and having the balls to act on them (the opportunities, not the balls)' then yes, luck is all you need for success!😉


 Damn Right, Luck is most important in a successful person's life. Behind a successful person over still hard work and the hand of God they will give success which they deserve. Then we feel it's luck, well lucky persons are few and the otjer one is too much.

Over personal wishes is the best thing in your life they learned you are a very beautiful person in this world. I'm pretty much sure every person can do hard work and are all lucky my God. Just we need to stay away from bad thinking just live always positive  


Luck is an unknown and unpredictable phenomenon that causes an event to result one way rather an other. Yes it's important for success because its depend in own thinking.

God made good luck for all persons but some persons think negative and some positive. All men do works according to his thinks. If they think positive there's all works successfull.

If they thinks negative there's all works unsuccessfull. That's way we could say luck is important for success.