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Dogs are more lovable or cats?

As the saying goes "Dogs are man's faithful friend" which is enough to prove that they are more than cats not just lovable but above all they can easily be trained and helpful in many ways. If I were to choose whether to have a cat or dog I would prefer to have a dog since they can be your friend and at the same time they are more playful than cats. 

You can bring them to park than cats. You can walk your dog around and play in an open ground. You can train your dog catch balls and return them back to you which is so lovely. Cat's are boring pets they just stay at home and wait for food. Though some cats are cute but they have little skills compared to dogs.  Another thing I don't like about cats are their fur they make me sneeze every time they come closer to me. Above all dogs are more lovable as they are more playful than cats and they can play more tricks as well.



Most pet lovers will have their preference, for me it is definitely a dog. Dogs are more loveable because they have the natural protective instinct and they almost always want to play with you. Your dog will stay with until. Watching and observing you so they can adapt with you even as you adapt with them too. It is no mistake they are called man’s best friend , from the extremely cute puppy to the protective grown adult, dogs are just wonderful.


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