How to get UpVoted by @steem-ua?
@steem-ua is an Algorithmic Curation & Upvoting Program, using UA data. But, I don't really understand how it works in a less technical term.

1. Delegate to the account at least 25 SP. It would automatically register you in a few hours as one of the recipients of upvote. 

2. Understand that your delegated SP will only give you small amount of returns unless you do something to increase your reputation score by their standards. Try to gain more followers and interact with many people in the blockchain. It is best to get involved with influential people or people that are known to have high reputation scores as you following them and them following you back contributes to your scores thus more upvote weight. 

3. If you keep doing number 2, then you're on your way to receiving more ROI than what you initially invested. The upvotes only happen once a day per one post you make in a day and sometimes it gets delayed but it does come.