How Come Steemit has such a outdated web interface?

You know, I've been thinking the same thing.

UI Isn't Everything, But It's a Crucial Customer-Facing Component

I'm glad Steemit is still being developed. I won't pretend to fully comprehend ALL of the technical details regarding the recent hard fork, but dApps will only survive with active development teams.

Steemit's user-interface doesn't necessarily bother me, but I'm 30 years old and have essentially been working in tech since I was 16. The first website I ever navigated to, pretty sure it was with the Netscape browser, was StarWars.com in 1997.

Looks like a web project that an elementary/middle school student would do today.

If Steemit wants Wider Adoption, it Needs to be Pretty

Take a look at Scorum, a brand new blockchain-based blogging platform focused on sports & gambling content.

It's still a rather simple interface, but it also looks elegant.

IMO, Steemit would absolutely benefit from a UI facelift :)

What about everyone else? Does the Steemit UI matter to you? Do you think it matters to people who are new to decentralized blockchain-based blogging apps? Let me know, and thanks for reading!


There have been lots of complaints already about this outdated web interface. Though it is one of the standard web interface for a content website, it is not really convincing for everyone. 

When I joined steemit and when I really started understanding more about this platform, the first thing that was really disturbing for me was the interface of this website. They have restricted lots of features to make the website respond faster than other website. For a blockchain based website it is really important but at the same time interface should also be good for people to get attracted. More than attraction user retention is very important. 

If the website is going to display fake trending posts, it is not going to really help people who get inside this platform with some hopes. When they initially see the trending page, they think that they will also be getting earning like that and will not understand that it was just an outcome of using bid bots. 

The trending page is something that is really misleading for people. But if at all we have to bring something different we really cannot come up with a better idea. But we know for sure that it needs fixing. The blockchain developers are really working very hard in introducing many new features to the backend code but at the end of the day only the UI is going to attract and help people. Even though things get better day by day in the backend, people will only see what is there in the UI. 

In my opinion steemit web interface can definitely be a way better than this. When a new feature is introduced in the backend, the developers should make sure it is also introduced in the frond end as well. It even sometimes makes me feel that steemit may not be having front end developers. There are only backend developers. The UI of steemit has been like that for more than 2 years and we have not be able to see any improvements in the user interface. 

This may not be just my request alone but everyone will definitely agree to the fact that the UI of steemit is definitely outdated with no further developments recently. 

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Steemit.com is a web interface. But it's not the only one. What you need to understand is the difference between Steemit and Steem. Steemit is just an interface while Steem is the blockchain that stores all the transactions. Musing is yet another interface to the Steem blockchain.

Steemit.com was the first web interface into the blockchain. Before that there was only a command line client. Steem was badly in need of a web interface so one was put together fast. Steemit.com is only a minimum viable product. No bells and whistles. Its popularty is falling fast which is no problem at all because the other interfaces are taking its place. If can recommend busy.org and steempeak.com as better blogging interfaces right off the bat. For mobile phones, Partiko is nice.


I think that Steemit inc is concentrating more on developing the platform that no one has really paid attention to the front end as such. Most users today don't even use Steem to log in as they use another app like Steam peak or busy.org. There are so many now I have lost count.

I stick with the original but have looked at some of the others. Maybe in the future it will be bought up to date and given a face lift but chances are it wont.


I think the ppl behind Steemit were occupied with the whole blockchain and thus neglected the frontend. Steemit.com is not very inviting - but there are alternatives ;) Busy's been here for some time and now Steempeak is on the rise with motivated people behind it and a fast development of user requestes features.


I actually don't even use Steemit that much so I don't even notice. I have started using the esteem desktop app for most of my posting and it is pretty awesome.

The one thing I wish it had was a spell checker, but beyond that it is just clean and nice to use. You should really check it out.

My guess is the resources needed to update the interface are just not available. The team behind steem is working on other projects. Maybe with SMT's a witness or other group will pick up the reins.