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Hve you lost faith in Facebook?
Tell us why, share your thoughts


I would have to have faith on it first, and in order for me to have faith in something like Facebook, it would have to mean something to me, which it doesn’t.

I think that Facebook has become a very dangerous social network because people have turned it into that. If anything, I have lost faith in people’s ability to make good use of that network.

Facebook started as very elitist service for Ivy League universities, but it had the vision to expand and allow pretty much anyone around the world to become part of it and be able to interact with anyone else in it. That makes it a very attractive network for all the good things that could be done through it. However, with all the violations of privacy, censorship, and psychological issues derived from it we can’t help but wondering what is it about human beings that makes them ruin even the most promising ideas.

People share in Facebook more than what they should. It has become almost compulsory for them to let everybody knows even the kind of toothpaste they are using, to put it nicely. And they are doing this full disclosure without any guarantee of privacy. On the contrary, everything indicates that most, if not all, our data will be used by Facebook at their discretion (or should we say indiscretion?).

Then we have the arbitrariness in Facebook’s censorship policy. They ban people who deserve to have their ideas expose to all kinds of audiences if they receive pressure from interested groups, and they allow people who should be banned to continue posting. Because they make money from advertisement, Facebook owes their fidelity to their clients more than to the users.

The users, though, have not done much to be defended from any abuse the network have been doing so far. As I mentioned earlier, many people disclose more than they should, they post trivial things, they gossip, they waste tons of hours a day doing nothing of import and on top of that some get addicted and totally dependent on it for their emotional wellbeing. Thus, we have lots of cases of suicides or suicide attempts caused by some stupid facebook prank, bullying or revelation.

I don’t think this situation will get any better. If anything, it will get worse, which is a real pity considering the enormous potential of a platform such as Facebook to connect people and have them contribute significantly to humanity’s wellbeing. There are a few great initiatives, though, of individuals and institutions who have reached people through the network to spread positive initiatives and ideas, but unfortunately, most of what is done on Facebook contributes very little to making us better creatures.   


No I haven't.

Before I found Steemit, Facebok was my solace. I was busy making impact with my mind blowing posts on Facebook.

I stopped when I joined Steemit and starting earning money because I thought Facebook didn't have much to offer me.

But lately, I have come to realize that if I must make waves on the social media space, I need to carefully fall back in love with Facebook and that is currently what I'm doing. So NO, I haven't lost faith in Facebook. Facebook is a place to build influence.

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I have not.

To me facebook is like a mother to every other social media, the only difference is that we don't earn from what we post there.

I can't loose faith, because I became a strong social media user with facebook.

Facebook has stood the test of time,so it's the original.

So my answer is No! I haven't lost faith in facebook. I like facebook alot, and will always do.

I still post, chat, comment and also accept friends request on facebook.



A long time ago but not only in Facebook but also in some people posting on Facebook. That place is not for me, I don't like the rules and definitely don't like the content that I find there.

The string of scandals that is linked to Facebook is disappointing. I don't like how people rights and privacy is handled. There are rules and there's law, if I have to respect the law so should Facebook.

How can I trust a social media site after all that's going on? Or better yet, why should I trust Facebook?