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What are the best travel destinations in your country or region of your country?
Name the country, region and destination.

The Philippines, it is such a big archipelagic country but with mesmerizing and eye catching destinations and tourists' spots. But what's more to it is the people around every island, caring, hospitable, loving, well-oriented and always seemingly happy. I can't give you a lot of every Filipino's bucket list but what I can offer is one of the best tourists destinations we have, the Queen City of the South, Cebu. Cebu is one of the local provinces of the Philippines that has great horizons, mountain peaks, long and white coastline and well-preserved ecosystem of waters and lands. We also have the grandest festival of the country, the Sinulog Festival which is the core faith of the Cebuanos. It's celebrated annually (every January) with millions of tourist visiting from around the world. Also Cebu has many beautiful and clean islands sorrounding and one of its island, Lapu Lapu island is considered the historic city of the country where it was name after by the first native hero who fought against the Spanish colonization. There are a lot more about the beauty of Cebu and all come with great stories worth to be shared. You will have your one of the best vacations of your life, if you pay a visit on Cebu. ;)


 Well, I live in Bangladesh, the beauty of nature. Unlike most of the countries, which have four seasons, Bangladesh is blessed with six seasons. Our every city has a specialty. As I live in Chittagong, I want to recommend you visit here. 

From the earliest times, the Chittagong city has attracted the attention of the outside world. From the ninth century AD, the Arabs were familiar with the port of Chittagong. The first historian De Barros, among the famous Portuguese who described Chittagong as the most famous and wealthiest city for its port, in 1552, where all trade ships in the East were assembled. The primary history of Chittagong is not very obvious. 

The beautiful buildings, mosques and holy monuments of Chittagong bear witness to its history from the past. Most of the old and new buildings in the city are built on low hills and hilltops. A huge court building with the office of the Civil Court, Criminal Court and Divisional Commissioner, Deputy Commissioner, District, and Sessions Judge is situated on the hill of Parabi. Down from the top of the hill, the natural beauty of the city can be seen. 

Headquarters of the Eastern Railway of Bangladesh is located in Chittagong. The railway line has moved northwards from Chittagong Railway Station to Pahartali and the foothills of the hill; Railway authorities have developed the entire area. This area is known as the Railway Colony and is one of the most interesting areas of the city. Railway Club, staff of residential buildings, railway head office, railway hospital, pahartali workshop and other institutions are located in this area. 

Chakatai is another famous place for wholesale and retail trade in Chittagong. In fact, it is an old and abandoned land awakening from the bottom of the Cornofuli river. Local merchants brought their belongings here by adding boats and sampans in a canal known as Chaktai Khal. The offices of most of the wealthy traders, banks, and insurance companies are located here. 

The entire city is beautiful around the green hills !! The distance from one place to another are much less. Like many places can be visited on the same day!


Here in the United States, out of all the places I've been I can only narrow it down to two. And that is because they are totally, totally different places. However, I have not been everywhere in the country, despite driving cross country over a dozen times. Nor have I fully experienced many places I've been. But I feel pretty strongly about these and I know there are others out there who would back me up. 

In terms of nature, that's a really hard one. There's a ton of amazing geography throughout the states, hidden between the piles of crumbling d-bags. A few years ago, I got a chance to visit Yellowstone National Park while driving cross country. Of course, our timing was off, and we ended up driving through it mostly at night. But it was still cool- and free! Haha. When we entered there were *walls* of snow, despite it being pretty late in the season. There was also a nice outhouse with feces smeared all over the walls. 

Still, though, it was beautiful. Just bad timing. Another time I got snowed out of one of the coolest places in the states was when a group of friends and I decided to go 6 hours out of our way while driving cross country to visit the Grand Canyon. When we got there, however, we encountered a whiteout snowstorm-something that rarely ever happens there, apparently. I got luckier my second time though, and got to enjoy it with my ex in some beautiful, beautiful weather. 

There are a ton of other beautiful places in the states(I refuse to capitalize that), but I think what really tops the charts for me in terms of all the places I've been is the Oregon coast. It. is. amazing. 

Sure, the entire west coast is amazing. And I don't mean like as a whole- I mean literally the coastline. The famous Route 1(I think?) that follows down the California drive is truly one of the most beautiful scenic routes I've ever been on. Although make sure to fill up when you can; there's a long stretch with only one "town"(station) that charges up to 3x the price of gas. Just cause they can!

But yeah. The Oregon coast. One of the most amazing places I've ever been. If you ever get the chance I strongly suggest experiencing it. 

Oregon doesn't have a ton of culture, though. Sure, Portland is pretty cool, and there are a ton of amazing towns dotted around; but I've heard the state as a whole is a little, well, "snobby". In terms of culture, I'd say the coolest place by far that I have been to in the continental US is New Orleans, LA. 

New Orleans is so cool! There is so much going on and so much interesting architecture and history. I literally don't think it would be possible to get bored in New Orleans. I would definitely want to try to live there at some point if it wasn't for the inability to access snow and the fact that my black/brown dog doesn't want to be in that sort of heat. 

There are a ton of other cool places here. And this is coming from someone who hates our politics; don't get me confused as a patriot. Both Hawaii and Alaska are apparently amazing. 

In a few weeks I'm about to embark on a multiple year trip around the country with my dog so I'm sure I'll be seeing plenty more places! I'll be posting our journeys here if you have any interest in checking it out and seeing some of the places we get to experience. 


Traveling and backpacking to beautiful places is such a good adventure. In my Country the best place I can share are those places I've been with. There are several of them since my country Philippines is filled with beautiful natural views.  Here are the following tourist destination I would recommend to those who are planning to visit my country Philippines. 

1. Surfing Capital in Siargao

If you are fun of riding the waves and doing water adventure, Siargao is just a perfect destination for you. You'll definitely enjoy the adventure with the natural waves that is perfect for surfing activities. This place is also filled with delicious food restaurant and amazing seafood that would really makes you think of coming back. 

2. Boracay

The most famous white sand beach in the Philippines. Good News! This lovely place is now restored and renovated and it is now perfectly clean and of course it is filled with fun activities. It's a perfect place where you can tour your loved ones and make good memories. 

3. Chocolate Hills in Bohol

You probably heard this place but once you get there the experience is absolutely different. This is one of the known tourist destination in Philippines and there is so much to explore in this place such us having meal in a floating restaurant, entering the bat cave, visiting one of the big python snake, and watching tarsier. Your day will surely be filled with loads of wonderful experiences.

4. Cebu Island

This island is also known as the Queen City of the South. This island itself is also filled with lovely beaches and beautiful places and should be on your list. When you visit in Cebu don't miss the delicious "lechon" from carcar. Within this island you'll have the chance to trek into mountain peaks such as Osmenia Peak in Dalaguete. Once you get on the top you'll be amazed with the view. There is also a whaleshark watching in Oslob which is one of the most visited place by tourist and local tourist just to have a closeup encounter with this big whale sharks.

Well, this is all the places I've been in here my country. But of course there are still a lot of beautiful I want to visit first before  I recommend them and one of which is Baguio City. This is next on my list and will definitely unlock this one sooner. Come and enjoy the adventure.


in Nigeria, they are so many travel destinations for tourist in my country Nigeria. places ranges from obudu cattle ranch in cross river , to the yankari game reserves in bauchi state to the lekki conservative center in lagos. 

but the best i have gone to and experienced is the eleko beach in lagos state. this beach differs from all other beaches in lagos due to its standard setting and environment and calibers of people who visits the beach everyday. the beach offers a lot of side attractions and also provides a perfect relaxation center . the beach offers you a quite experience that makes you feel like you are on your own private beach.  you wanna go on a romantic date, eleko beach is the best place to be . if a couple wanna enjoy their time today without disturbance , the beach is the go to arena . it offers a lot of attractions and the beach isnt usually as crowded as the other beaches around lagos. 

another travel destination is the visit to olumo rock which is in abeokuta, in ogun state. the olumo rock is a mountain which as been in existence for a very long time . for over thousands of years. the moutain is like a heaven . it offers a chance to see the whole of the abeokuta community from a spot. it is usually cool and less nosiy. it can serve as a place to think and have a nice also and you can also get to learn more about the culture of the yoruba people especially the agba people.


Here in the Philippines we have numerous beauty spots you can visit.

If you've seen in the map, we are consist of islands that is why one of our major travel destinations are the beaches. I can proudly say that our beaches are really beautiful and you can view marine animals such as whale, dolphin and fishes swimming, you can even swim with them.

Another is our nature. In the province a lot of green areas can be seen. Fresh air and calm vibes. We also have the one of the most tiny monkeys in the world, the tarsier. And a lot more animals that is only seen in the country.

We also have the chocolate hills, it is known to be called chocolate because once the summer is on it's peak the grass turns brown and the hills will look like chocolates.

There are a few old buildings that are still standing nowadays. It reminds us of all times and served as a preservation of the past.

Overall our country is one of the best in terms of natural resources. It's just that some are exploiting it. I just hope that the people will always protect nature! We have so much potential in terms of tourist destinations.


The ring of Kerry in Ireland has everything Ireland has to offer . Stunning views and pubs with great atmosphere . Just a great place to visit


There are more than 7000 islands in the Philippines. So, definitely you will have lots of options depends on your preference. There could be several "best" depends on what the place can offer.

Like if you enjoy swimming and water adventure, you can visit the beautiful beaches in Boracay and El Nido. The underground river in Palawan is one of the seven new wonders of the world.

If you like trekking, hiking or nature trip, you can visit the Banaue rice terraces in Baguio which is one of the seven wonders of the world.

Baguio is also known as the summer capital of the Philippines because of its cooler/cold weather and there are lots of tourist attractions. Such as the strawberry farm and Burnham park.



We have Mt Kilimanjaro, Very interesting place to visit, It is the only free standing mountain in the world, the highest peak of Africa. Amazingly it is located within tropical region but it is caped with everlasting snow which you can't experience it in anywhere in Africa and the best view of the snow while on land is from amboseli national park in Kenya. What a fascinating beauty.

The Island of zanzibar has one of the most beautiful white sand beaches in the world. Great honeymoon destination.

The Wildlife in Tanzania is one of a kind,

YOu have to visit serengeti and ngorongoro national parks for the best experience.

To mention only the above, but the list goes on and on.


Philippines is considered as one of the countries offering a variety of nature's resources. In fact, Philippines has a lot of wonders that has been featured. I can name some of them to be shared to you :

- Underground River, Palawan

- El Nido, Palawan

- Banaue Rice Terraces

- Chocolate Hills in Bohol

- Vigan

- Luneta Park in Rizal

- Whaleshark watching in Oslob, Cebu

- Kawasan Falls in Badian, Cebu

- Siargao

- Magellans Cross

- 100 Islands in Pangasinan

There were lots of nature's wonder that we can offer here but I'd like to stop on those mentioned above.


In Belgium, that is:

  • Antwerp
  • Bruges
  • Brussels
  • Durbuy
  • Ostend

Here in Nigeria, there are a lot of places worth visiting. Personally I've been to few but I'd try to make a list of those I've been to and those I've heard of and planning to go to.

The first on the list is the Ikogosi warm water and cold water spring at Ekiti. The major side attraction of this destination is you get to witness the wonders of nature, where a singular source of water is producing both warm water and cold water, meeting at the same point.

The second on this list is the olumo rock in Abekokuta. Here you witness a natural formation of rocks and the beauty of nature all around it.

Thirdly, we have the Palace of the Ooni of Ife and the Ife kingdom. This is believed to be the headquarters of the Yoruba kingdom and the origin of the Yoruba people..

Further more, you can visit places like the Yankari games reserve, Obudu Cattle Ranch, the benin Kingdom, the Tomb of Bilikis Sungbo or Sungbo Eredo believed to be the Biblical Queen of Sheba who visited king Solomon, Zuma Rock in Abuja, Lekki Conservation Centre in lagos, whispering palms in Badagry, the Slave trade centre and the place of no return in Badagry, the ibadan Zoo etc.

These are just few out of the many places you can visit in Nigeria. I couldn't list them all because it's much.

You can visit to learn of our history, past, present and witness the harmony of Nature in Nigeria.

A country with good people who never forgets their origin and a great nation


There are plenty of them in Indonesia depending your interests. Since indonesia is an archipelago country, it translates as having multiple islands with different characteristic. However, I am going to narrow it down by picking major islands in Indonesia. 

Here's my version of navigating your way through Indonesia. 

  1.  All you can have - Truly live party scene, digital nomad, neo-hippie, yoga, meditation, culture, traditional taste, amazing nature, multicultural.  : BALI Island indonesia.
  2. All of mentioned above without the huge party and less multicultural : Lombok Island Indonesia
  3. Business hub, party, skyscrapers, pollution, megapolitan and insanely crazzy traffic : Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia.
  4. Local culture, Royal family, History,  Student's city,  party scene is dull : Yogyakarta, Indonesia
  5. Again local culture, tribes, nature as in rain forest, great spot for documentary film : Kalimantan, Indonesia
  6. Great food, local culture, mixture of middle eastern and Indonesia culture, close to Singapore : Sumatra Island. 


West Coast... islands. Whistler for skiing/snowboarding.

Rocky Mountains - Banff in Alberta.


In my home land There are many places which attracts all sort of tourist. The best thing about my country Pakistan is we have four weather's. We are a country of -20 Celsius to 52 Cesius weather. Country is rich in glacier. We have second highest mountain K-2. We have deep sea port. We have big desert and beautiful valleys

Few of interesting spot of my country





Neelum valley