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Do you believe in capital punishment and why?

Indeed, totally.

Just in extraordinary cases, similar to psychological warfare or mass/serial homicides, additionally grabbing and torment ought to be on the rundown.

The culprit should likewise be discovered obviously blameworthy. Indeed, even the smallest trace of uncertainty and they ought to get a jail sentence. This would take into account a speedy execution for the sentence and never again will the convict hold up 15 years before the day comes.

A few people are basically tumor to society, they can never be restored, they can never carry on with a typical life, what they just know is savagery or potentially contempt. We have a few alternatives:

Give them little sentences in rich detainment facilities trusting that they will some way or another create fundamental human characteristics like sympathy

Keep them in jail for whatever is left of their lives out of some ethical impediments and subsequently burning through a large number of government cash which can generally go some place helpful

Simply dispose of them

Call me indecent yet I pick alternative 3.

Here are some immaculate cases:

Anders Breivik - murdered 77, for the most part youngsters, harmed more than 300. No inquiries concerning it, he did it. Where is he now? In an agreeable Norwegian hote… jail suing the nation for not enabling him to have the most recent PlayStation. There are even individuals here on quora recommending this is reasonable treatment (Truly , WTF?). He ought to have been condemned on the day and shot, no taxpaying cash go to nourishing beasts, no complaints, society shows how it treats subhuman waste like him.

Osama Canister Loaded - I know he is dead, however suppose he was caught and taken to the USA. By what method can anybody genuinely say he doesn't merit demise? Possibly some will state he has the right to endure in excess of a speedy demise and I would concur so why not give him a moderate passing as opposed to bolstering him with citizen cash for as long as he can remember?

These are my conditions for the presence of a capital punishment. What the USA has is awful as I would like to think and evacuating it totally is presumably the preferable alternative over keeping it.


The answer to this question is no,I don't believe in capital punishment..

I don't accept when someones life is being taken because of a crime he committed.

There are other punishment that can be use for crime without the needs to kill the person irrespective of the crime committed.

There are many countries that practice capital punishment especially countries in Asia, middle East and USA..

The highest crime someone can commit is murder that is to take someones life,and I think in my own view that such person should be sentenced to life imprisonment with hard labor, let him pay for his crime there in prison than for him to be sentenced to death.

But in countries like China, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam and other Asia countries, drug trafficking, rapes, blasphemy, stealing are punishable by death.

My conclusion is,human being does not have the right to take someones life no matter what, even the government does not have the right to end someones life only God.

There are other punishment that can substitute for capital punishment.


Yes, there is a case for capital punishment

Much as we would like to believe that all evil-doers can be rehabilitated, some are just predisposed to commit atrocities without any sense of remorse. The death sentence is the most effective way to weed out hardcore evildoers who are beyond rehabilitation. It also acts as a strong deterrent against would-be offenders