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What is the key to a successful marriage in your opinion?

For a successful marriage partners should have following qualities:-

Trustworthy: no relation can be strong if partner do not have trust on each other.

Maturity: your partner should be mature enough to stand with you in difficulties.

Openness: partners should be open to each other.

Honesty: without honesty no relation could be last longer. 

Respect: partner should have respect for each other.

Love and affection: Love and affection is the most important quality of partners.



When you trust someone, you easily love him. On the contrary, when you love someone you may not believe it. The strongest key in establishing a marriage relationship is mutual trust. Not only for you who are going through a long distance marriege, who at any time meet even need trust to strengthen your love.

In a marriage sometimes obstacles arise. Finish, don't obey the ego. When you start giving up with your marriage. Try to recall your struggle, to be in this relationship.

Mutual support

To live with a partner forever, then supporting each other is the key to the happiness of your life. When your partner is down and falls, you do not leave it but strengthen and support it. Understand what they want and need.

The relationship between the two people is mutual, not one-sided. So fighting together and supporting each other will strengthen your relationship.


When you get married, love is not enough to sustain marriage. There needs to be a strong commitment so you can survive with a partner in any condition. It's not easy, but believe as long as you have a strong commitment with your partner, there is no reason to stop strengthening your marriage and your partner.

Getting Married Means You Must Be Ready to Fall in Love Every Day

Love relationships when married and dating are of course different. When married, you must be ready to fall in love every day. When you are dating, feeling bored with your partner then saying breaking up won't be a problem for you. Well, this will certainly be different if you are married. You must be ready to fall in love with your partner every day. When you are angry or even bored.


Many ways can be done by married couples to continue to have a harmonious relationship. Where harmony is indeed the secret key to successful marriage. But how to achieve that harmony? Of course, efforts are needed that must be continued.

# Don't harbor feelings

The secret key to the first successful marriage is to share everything you feel. Many couples choose to be quiet in solving problems. Choosing To keep quiet or harbor feelings when things aren't wearing happens is not the best solution. The secret of a successful marriage is to share with each other and try to communicate how you feel each other.

# Do not be too serious

Problems in marriage often occur? But why is it dizzy? After all, everything will definitely pass.

# Your relationship is more important than trivial things

Engage in a fight so often you forget that the trivial problem is no more important than your relationship. Winning the Ego will be endless and there will be no use.

# Take the time to do what you like

In the midst of your busy time taking care of the household and other activities, always take the time to have time with yourself. time proved to be able to refresh itself to be happier and provide new energy.

# Celebrate when good things happen

The secret of the next successful marriage is to celebrate the joyous thing happening in your marriage relationship.


Communication and respect.

If you always respect your partner, and do everything you do in full respect, you will get a long way already.

As for communication, communication is key, in any relationship, but it is vital in a loving relationship. Communication makes sure that there are no misunderstandings, and that your partner knows about your feelings.

Communication should always happen in full respect btw...


Often times we look at marriage from a funnel eye perspective and that shields us from seeing beyond our noses.

Marriage is an institution itself. An institution where death is meant to be the graduation and divorce is dropping out.

For a marriage to last and stand the test of time, then love is just not enough. Yes love is essential in marriage but love is not the only essential ingredient. Love is just one of few essential ingredients.

In my own view, what makes a relationship or marriage so to say stand the test of time asides love is communication and understanding. A couple whose interpersonal communication skill is faulty tend to grow apart despite the love that exists between them thats why it's been said that communication is key to a successful relationship and of course you know marriage is a relationship.

Communication also is not an end in itself but a means to an end. Communication is the foundation of understanding between the couple. When a couple communicates frequently and often about nearly everything, they tend to understand eachother better and strengthen the tie that keeps the relationship together.

Conclusively, communication and understanding is very much essential in a relationship as much as there is love, love doesn't cover it all so my advice to new couples or old couples passing through trouble is try to communicate your feeling, thoughts and reactions to your spouse the right way and establish a foundation of understanding then you'd see that suddenly your relationship would get stronger than it was before