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Do you get extremely angry at a person you love the most?


The person I love the most is probably my mother and with her I have never had a single argument.

I love my wife and my children, of course, but my old lady, for reason that most of you may understand, occupies a special place in my heart. In the normal course of life, our parents leave first, leaving us with more time to love our spouses and children some more.

I have a funny memory, though of a time I wanted to leave home and go live with my godmother. I was probably 7 years old and I got mad for no reason (honestly I can’t recall the cause of my anger, and I have just asked my mother and she does not remember the incident at all, see?). The thing is I remember reaching in the closet for some clothes and my mother, half jokingly told me, “if you leave, make sure you’ll stay because I’m not letting you come back!” That was the end of my emancipation attempt. That’s how well my old woman and I get along.

We have serious differences on different subject, but our love is so strong, we find ways to disagree without even raising our voices. I have not experienced that with any partner or with my children. The love I feel for my mother, combined with the great deal of respect I feel for her, plus the fact that she is lovely, generous, devoted and has never kept a grudge against anybody (no matter the offense), makes it really difficult for me to get mad at her.

She is very protective of her children and grandchildren, to the point that often times they abuse her. I do get mad at my siblings and nephews (with three of them I am not even in speaking terms) and I complain to my mother about her being too lenient and complicit of their irresponsibility, but she always persuades me that she can’t help being good. I can’t judge her for that and I guess deep down I admire her for being so transparent and not being able to host bad feelings against anybody.

I think she epitomizes genuine love for all humanity. It is hard to get mad at a saint. It is hard to even disagree with her.    


Whenever I might, it’s thpically due to my own impatience/intolerance.

Or a few times when she MIGHT be out of line. Although even then, usually there’s some responsibility for ME to accept for having pushed or judged in some way that compounded what could have been a small issue had I not reacted.


I have come to realize that love overlooks a lot. My partner may do something to me and I would not feel offended by it but if someone else does same to me, I would immediately get angry and may perhaps rip the person off.

I get angry at my boyfriend but it is not always to an extreme. It is most times at the minimal and when I get angry, because of the kind of person I am, I tend to keep it to myself. If I let you know how angry I am, you may never like me so what I do is suppress the anger all by myself.

When I'm angry with my partner, I let him know, I simply say, "I'm angry" and he laughs because he knows what to do to make me calm. I cannot extremely get angry at someone I love because love overlooks many things.

If you love someone, no matter how extremely angry you get at the person, you still find a place in your heart to forgive them.


Love comes with caring and understanding each other. We expect more from a person who we love most. That's the reason behind, sometimes we get so angry to the loved one. Which I think is one of the human nature and very normal.

I am not a exceptional one. My loved one also sometime makes me angry. Their behaviour or certain work made me angry like hell and I used to scream at them

The top two who have to go through my anger is my mother and my husband.  My mother used to be very protective and over active to do all the work in one hand. Which makes me angry and I could not resist myself but argue with her with screaming. 

And my husband's case is total opposite. If I say him something, he response it very lately or do the work lately. Most of the time this thing made me angry.  And he is sort of messy and put anything anywhere and don't find it later. That's the other reason. Sometimes I also said that I would not live with you longer or leave you.

After we get through the phase of anger, when we all calm down then we get back everything normal. 

We should control our anger, so that it would not force to talk certain words which would make a permanent wound to others heart. And the other person should also know the technique how to calm the anger and make love.

Love can heal all the wound. Sometimes it's nearly impossible to us to get angry to some people who is doing very wrong to us. We sometime accept that or protest it other way. But when its come to the loved we chose to show our anger. Because we need more better care, more attention and more love from them. That's what forces us to do such thing. 

If we start to take care of each other's emotions more after the situation then I think it will make everything normal and make our life easy. 

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I'm always mad at my mom. My mom and I are very similar when it comes to bad temper, and if we get together it's like a war at home. My dad used to say that we're like a burning blender, where no one can put their hand in because they're left without it.

Normally we fight for silly things that at the moment seem important, only with the passing of time I realize that it was a whim of mine or an exaggeration of her.

I love my mom very much, and getting angry with her is something common among us, in the end we end up fixing our problems, usually forgetting them and go on with life as it is.


I try not to. Back then, I am actually temperamental, and I don't care as long as I can express how I feel. But I think I had changed. I can't be extremely angry now. I prefer to walk out so I can't say anything hurtful. Also, when I feel I want to freak out, something's in my mind saying "I love that person". They may get hurt for my subtle anger, but I immediately ask for forgiveness for reacting too much.


Honestly speaking, I don't get extremely angry to the person I love the most because I think it is very immature to do that . Being in a relationship is a commitment and a promise that you should not get angry with each other because it is a waste of time and energy. In my case, I get angry a little but it only takes for a while and then I feel better after having a discussion. :) I just love my love so I couldn't get angry to him . 

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Yes if he does something really bad like not giving me attention, not picking up my calls,Wanting to have his way all the time,not apologizing if he does something wrong etc.

I really get angry if he fails to understand me thereby letting outsiders know me better than him.

An outsider can call me a witch,bastard or what have you and I won't really get upset but if the person I love most tries calling me that or a more mild names than the ones I listed,he will not like my reactions.