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What is the scariest thing that has ever happened to you?

I have had some close-calls in my life. Those have undoubtedly represented the scariest memories I have.

The most dramatic one, one where I saw myself dead, was a car accident I was involved in when I was a senior in HS

We were planning some fun raising for our graduation party and my best friend, who was the only one with a car (it was his father's, actually, but he used it freely), asked me and another friend to accompany him distribute some letters or cards (I can't recall exactly now). We were going to a nearby town, about 20 miles away. It was a route we rode every day, not particularly dangerous, the vehicle was almost new (his father had actually paid the last check that month), and my friend had been driving since he was 13.

It was supposed to be a routine 20 mins drive (to and from), but when we were on our way back home, the car ( Jeep Wrangler 1988) started to show some mechanical failure. It seemed to be the steering mechanism. Right amid a curb the steering wheel just went bananas. My friend lost control of the car and we overturn several times after the vehicle stopped upside down in a bushy area, just about to fall down a ravine.

I remember that moment as a slow motion scene. It feels as if it was yesterday and I can't still believe none of us got seriously injured in that accident. I remember touching something on the dashboard and seeing my friend's face showing terror at not being able to control the car. Then, everything went dark and I only heard the scheeching sound of metal scratching the pavement and glass breaking all over us. And we turned over once and again. I rememeber thinking "stop, enough!"

Then, it stopped and i was laying facedown on a grassy surface. I could hear my friend's voices calling my name. I slowly started to gain consciousness of my body. My hands were bloody, I was afraid I had broken my legs, but when I moved them and felt no pain I was relieved. I tried to answer back, but no voiced came out. So, I gather strength and got up. My friends were trying to turn the car over. They thought I had been trapped under it.

We went up the road and found some people asking how many were dead. They wanted us to go to a hospital, but we did not want to move and leave the car unattended. I remember being concerned about one of my shower sleepers (I had just bought them from my summer job). I felt fine.

Then I saw the missing sleeper in the middle of the road, some 100 meters away. I picked it up and went to a car that stopped, the driver offered to take us to the hospital. It was our Math teacher. He was so scared. When we arrived at the hospital there were peple already there speculating about one of us having lsot an eye and another one having broken his spine.

Then, I panicked. There were no cellphones then. I wanted to tell my parents I was ok. The doctor saw us and asked us to be quiet. We were bleeding all over. Sometimes there is internal damage and people just drop dead after having said they were ok. He said we needed to be taken to a real hospital, one hour drive away. Our small town's facility did not have equipments to treat that kind of injury. There was not an ambulance available and they went to fethc my elder brother, who had a car. My brother came some minutes later with one of my uncles and he "flew" me to Carúpano's hospital.

When we got there the are were too many patients ahead of us. I started to feel dizzy. asked my uncle to take me to a chair and then everything went dark again.

When I woke up I was laying down on a strecher and some nurses were pulling glass out of my back. I had a couple of big cuts on one of my legs. After the X-rays results came out I felt better. There was no fracture. My spine was ok. My friends had also minor injuries. The driver almost broke his chest with the steering wheel but he was stronger than we thought.

The car was a different story. It was total loss and no insurance. We recovered from our injuries, but we never recovered from the sense of guilt of having wrecked my friend's father's car.

After that accident we spent some time having nightmares. It was the closest we had been to dying and it was a transformative experience. We started to value life more and also those people around us who meant the most for us.


My street is a very open and secure street, or so I thought.

I decided to stay back at work and do some personal work before going home. I stayed back till about 9PM and then shut down my laptop and decided to head home.

I got on a bus and jumped down at my bus stop, only to see so many people running helter skelter. I didn't know what was happening and I was confused. Nobody could stay to explain what's wrong to me.

So I walked on, but was scared. All of a sudden, I heard gunshots. I was still very far from my house and didn't know what to do. People were shutting their shops, the windows of their houses and doors.

I quickly ran into a house as I saw someone trying to shut his door. Turned out to be a guy and he was the only one at the house. I was both scared and happy. Scared that I could have been shut just a minute ago, now in a safe house whose owner I knew not, and happy that I got shelter.


It was my time in the ocean.

Sometime in 2016, August to be precise. I was at a youth camp where I was serving as a counsellor. The camp was located at a beach front on the West African coast.

Among the staff were a number of very good swimmers. Most evenings of the one week program, some of very good swimmers would take a dip in the ocean to wash off and also cool off from the day's heat. I'm not a very good swimmer so I usually just watch from the sidelines.

On one evening I decided to join in the ocean fun. I wasn't going to take the risk of drowning so I put on a life jacket. After grabbing the life jacket, I was waved on, I ran towards the ocean.

The ocean felt really good, the waves tossed me around time and time again. I was having fun because I didn't need to swim or struggle with the wave to stay afloat. The life jacket was clearly doing it's job, keeping me afloat, but it was doing something else, something more sinister that I didn't realize quickly enough.

The fact that I was wearing a life jacket kept me at the mercy of the waves. The ocean has a current, it therefore flows in a certain direction and tends to drag things inward with the returning waves.  I wasn't paying attention, I was moving further and further away from shore.

I had my back turned to the shoreline, I was facing the ocean all this while, I couldn't make out distances or know how far the into the ocean I had gone.

When I eventually turned to take a look at the beach, I couldn't believe my eyes, the people standing on the shore looked like ants. I was drifting with the current, fast.

Immediately, there was panic in the air, the other swimmers couldn't come grab me because of the distance, they said that in such strong waves, they could only make it to me and wouldn't have any energy left to return to shore. I was alone.

There was plans already been made to rally the locals to head out with a boat. All this while I was at the mercy of the ocean. There was one of the staff who was fat, his buoyancy being very good, he was able to get to me.

When he got to me, he asked me "Can you swim?", I answered "Yes". He said "You have to swim to get out", I said "OK". He turned and started making his way back.

I started swimming, or doing something that looked like swimming, I wasn't moving an inch. Although I wasn't moving, because I had positioned myself to swim, subsequent waves that hit me pushed me forward instead of tossing me upward and then dragging me back inside.  All this was possible because of the life jacket I had on.

That was how I was able to get myself to shore. I learned one very vital lesson, when in the ocean, you must swim, treading in an attempt to float will get you terribly bashed by the water, exhausted and drowned, you must ride the wave. It was a really crazy experience. The ocean is such a powerful force, I had never experienced something like that before.

After getting out, I was told that I had almost exited the waves region entirely into the calm waters of the ocean. Had this happened, they would have needed a boat to get me out.

I'm glad a shark wasn't lurking at that moment or one of the really wierd sea creatures. But I'm not deterred, I'll be back in when I'm a much better swimmer.


Now you can choose to believe in this one or not because it has no 'proof' in the traditional sense and would be considered a paranormal experience, but it is by far the scariest thing that's ever happened to me.

When I was around high school age (~13 ish) my mom decided I was old enough to start staying home alone. I had rules of course, like don't ever answer the front door and don't use the oven/stove and she had all the emergency numbers on the fridge and such.

This carried over to when we went to visit my grandmother, as she also held the same belief. My grandmother lives in the country side where her nearest neighbors are 2+ miles out and it's easily over 10 miles into the nearest town. It's a big farm house too that's all just surrounded by woods.

So one day when I was 13-14 or so my mom and grandma were going into town to visit my great-aunt who I was never particularly fond of and I asked if I could stay home. They said sure, and my grandmother instructed me on how to close up the house for the night so I could do that when it started getting dark; close the curtains, shut off the pocket doors to the den, ect.

I learned and sent them on their way, and when it started getting dark I followed my grandmother's instructions. While I was closing the curtains in the main area I thought I heard my name being called from the breezeway in front of the kitchen so I went there to look out the big window over the sink but didn't see anyone. Said window looks into the breezeway that also has a window that looks out to the driveway and my mom's car wasn't there so they weren't home yet. I thought nothing of it and went back to closing up and heard my name called from the entrance room - the breezeway leads into this room and that room leads into the kitchen which is then an open floor plan to the main of the house. I opened the door but no one was in the room and again, no sign of a car in the driveway.

Finally I was closing the pocket doors to the den and heard my name called again. I was reaching for the light switch when I saw a giant dark mass in one far back corner and it stared at me with these bright red eyes I will never forget and then spoke my name again. I slammed the pocket door, ran and grabbed my cell phone and then locked myself in the first floor bathroom and called my mom in a panic because I didn't know what else to do.

Mom scolded me for being over dramatic when I told her what I'd seen but as she repeated it back I heard my grandmother say something and then she took the phone from my mom and told me to stay in the bathroom with the lights on and that they were coming home. I sat in the tub so I didn't have to see the obvious signs of something moving outside the door, though I could still hear it every now and again. Then I heard a car pull in and my mom and grandma came home and grandma came into the bathroom to get me and told me to grab what I needed and we were spending the night elsewhere. I got my laptop and a change of clothes and we were out of that house as fast as we could go.

Now my mom still to this day thinks I was lying or hallucinating or something along those lines, but my grandma believes me. According to her the area up there is known to be 'haunted' by things that lurk in the fields and forests and they lure people in by calling their names and then do gods only knows what with them. She thinks one of these whatever they are got into the house and was intending to do the same to me, and apparently on the way to get me my grandmother had called the local priest and asked him to come out and bless the house while we were gone so as to be rid of it and also prevent another one from gaining entry.

All I know is what I saw and what I heard, and the fact that I had nightmares for months and my mom had a difficult time convincing me it was safe to go back to my grandmothers. I didn't until several months later at Thanksgiving when I knew the house would be full of people well into the evening and then my mom and grandmother weren't going anywhere, and after that point if they did and were going to be gone past sundown I sucked it up and went with them because I was not going to be alone in that house again after that.


One of the most Scariest things that ever happened to me.. Mmhh there seems to be quite a few but i will write that which came first to mind.

Motorcycles are the easiest mode of transportation if you want to get around fast and easy in my current city of residence. This is because of the obvious reasons that they easily maneouver through traffic and get to the desired testination faster, and they do so at a more affordable rate, aa compared to Taxi cabs.

Anyway, this one night, i was from a friends house for a delivery, i decided to get a motorbike from her subdivision to a place where i would manage to easily access a public means of transportation.

It was around 9pm and no traffic, Long beautiful trees adorned both sides of the road, that made this ride a very happy one, with fresh air.

This seemed to be cut short when a very big tree suddenly fell off and across the road inches behind us (me and the bike driver)., as in Inches away and immediately after we had driven past the tree. That means had there been a few seconds of delay by us, we would have been the next victims of fatal accident as that tree was huge, calculating with the bike speed we were moving in.

After the incident, i was cold and in a state of disbelief for a while. It was just very hard to believe how God had just saved me from a terrible accident that would have either had ys dead or in ICU.

I was shivering all through rest of the night, as i did my prayers of thanksgiving. This was a very close call.


I have to admit that I had been scared many times in my life. But this one incident takes the top spot. 

I was in school at that time, doing my 12th grade studies. That year we had to make a science project for each physics, Chemistry and Biology. We were a group of 5 students and needless to say we wasted a lot of time playing cricket and the deadline for submission was nearing in. Finally, with 3 days left we started the project and completed the Physics and Chemistry deal done. The only thing left was Biology. For which we were doing something related to soil erosion (I can't remember the actual project name). Anyway, It was night before the day of submission and we all stayed late. I was giving the finishing touch to the project in the lab for which we have gotten the permission. People started leaving for their home until me and my close friend stayed there till the completion. It was already 0930PM, So we too decided to call it a day. 

My friend being a dick started telling me all the spooky stories involving ghost and the dead as a pastime. He was living nearby while I had to travel a good distance. I managed to catch the last bus which was almost empty. The stories were disturbing and I wasn't able to keep clam. I wanted to reach home as quickly as I can. My home was at a distance of 1KM from the bus-stop with a two houses in between. One was occupied by an old lady and second was empty as those people were out of town.  I started walking down the road which thankfully was illuminated by the street lamps. I was walking fast and then I noticed a stray dog was following me, I picked up a the pace. I crossed the old lady house and was about to reach the second mark. When everything went completely dark. All the streetlamp were off. I felt cold. That's when I saw a floating white figure near the old lady house. 

[Image Source](https://rashmikamath.files.wordpress.com/2011/02/dark_street.jpg)

Next thing I know, I was about to break the sound barrier. I ran so fast that I would have been the record holder for the fastest man, if this was to be an olympic event. And within a few moments I was home. No sweat or anything just breathing heavily. Mom scolded me for staying out so late, Dad was happy that I was finally taking my studies seriously. Needless to say I was down with fever the next day. I didn't know what I saw that night and It was bugging me. I told no one because then I would become the origin point of a spooky story. 

The day after one my way to school I saw the ghost again in the form of white shirt hanging dry in the cable near the old lady's house.

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I have a tremendous fear of Snakes and I believe that came to me due to the memory I am about to Disclose to you Guys.

When I was about 5 or 6 Years old my Dad used to work in a Tea Garden that was located on a Hill Station. The view and weather were spectacular and since it's a Hill so the Snakes were somewhat common. I used to stay in a Hostel in a town as there were no schools near the Tea Garden and I used to visit my Parents once a Month.

The Bungalow we had was located at the second most peak location on the Hill so you can almost see what's happening below if you stay above. I was walking towards my Bungalow from below and as I see my Mom standing above a heap of Baby Snakes fell on me and I just froze. I literally couldn't even cry as I was scared to that extent. I stayed standstill in that position with Baby Snakes crawling all over me for about 10 Minutes( I can't be sure of the Time). From that day onwards if I even see a Snake anywhere I can't sleep for the entire Night.

This is by far one of my Scariest Experience. There is one more but that would be my Second most Scariest Thing.


The most frightening thing that has happened to me in my life has been when I had the terrible experience of getting out of a burning bus. 

I was in the back seats, at the end of every post, when I saw desperate people coming out and screaming fire. No matter how hard I tried to get out, I couldn't because there were so many people in front of me.  I had to wait for everyone to come down, I know it all happened very quickly, but for me it meant an eternity, I was the last one. When I was finally able to get out, I ran and ran desperately away from the place, without looking back. Far from the bus, I stopped, turned around and saw that only the frame was left wrapped in flames, my heart was beating wildly, then I fell into a nervous breakdown and cried non-stop for a long time. 

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I have many scary experience but I will love to share just one.

I was 6years, I, my mum and my elder brother paid a visit to our former state of resident. I could vividly remember that will visit our Pastor's house rewards in the evening and we were about leaving when armed robbers came. They thought my mum was the Pastor's wife and they pointed a gun to her and took us (the children) into a separate room I was scared to death for my mum. But thank goodness they let my Mum free after they found out she wasn't the wife to the Pastor.

No life was taken that day but for one week I just couldn't sleep, that's my first robbery experience and I can't forget it


Many scary things have happened to me in the past but the scariest thing that has actually happened to me is going to a restaurant and seeing my late dad about leaving the restaurant,i was so shocked when i saw him and while i was about to rush go meet him i could not really remember what happened that day but i could remember that he vanished in a way which i am still confused about....

When i got home i rushed down to my family house to inform then about what i just saw,i narrated the event to them and they all concluded that i saw his ghost,,that experience still makes me feel shocked and worried even till date...