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Did you receive any gift on Valentine's day?

I didn't receive any gifts yesterday on Valentine's Day.

It's not like I was expecting any anyway.

When you understand that no one owes you anything, the world will become a better place and no one will be hurt.

I had earlier planned on taking myself out on that day which was yesterday and gifting myself some beautiful gifts since perhaps, no one loved me. 

But circumstances happened and I couldn't go anywhere again yesterday but then I got calls from people I wasn't expecting. Two of my exes called...Lol, yaay

Well, the fact that they remembered and gave me a call is enough gift for me.

Hopefully, next year, I will receive many more gifts from people that I care about and who care about me in return.

But nevertheless, I am a happy girl.


No.. Didn't expect any so I didn't get any gifts. But it was a pretty emotional day for me. Most people I considered a closed chapter in my life, reached out to me and I felt really special.. Plus I spoke to some of my besties that I don't talk to everyday, It was really worth it.


I will be honest about this. I didn't receive any valentine gifts from anyone though. I was just at home enjoying myself since I had no Val nor someone whom will take me out.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps.