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What does it feel like to cheat on your partner?

It feels irritating.

I don't know if this is because I love him completely. But I really don't know how to cheat when I am deeply committed to someone. It's just a decision not to cheat on anyone I am committed to. And I feel irritated when someone tries as much as touching me in a sexually or seductive manner. It irritates me.


I have never tried cheating but I do have the urges to, so I can only contribute my idea from experiences of others. I have friends who have been involved in several cheat, though at first it start fine but as time goes on they begin to realize these

1.they start living a life of pretence which cost them trying to model their life into an unfamiliar nature of lies

2.They spend more than they normally should have if they were maintaining a single partner.

3.Confusion comes in to tell who they really love.

4.guilt comes in.

5.sometimes end up missing on the one.

Though sometimes they believe it has an advantage like, helping them distinguish between who is better in time of their noted qualities.