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What can make you happy right now?


Crypto rebounding. 😎


A plate of fried rice and chicken from Chicken Republic

A bowl of cold stone ice cream

A cuddle up in bed with netflix on my screenΒ 

All these right now, will make me really happy.


Enough money in my account that I can use in settling the bills and still have enough at hand

Peace of mind, joy happiness

Having my loved ones close to me at all time

Just been happy always

And having the family of my dreams


It may sound weird and very materialistic but at the moment Id sure embrace a new crypto bull run. That would help solve a lot of problems in my life which are taking a toll on me.


Sitting on a sofa watching detective movie with @miniu while eating popcorn.


Enough money that I don't have to beg/rely on donations to get an eye exam and some contacts, that I don't have to worry that we may not have enough money to make rent next month because the government shut down means the military isn't getting paid so our primary source of income is gone, that I can actually not worry that my clothes are wearing holes in them I can't patch because I'd be able to go and get new ones. That would make me happy.


Peace of mind, satisfaction with my work, two meals a day, happy soul and caring friends

AND tons of upvotes with enough steem dollars :D :P :)

Thanks everyone