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What is one lesson that life has taught you?

Patience is a virtue.


Never to trust anybody.

I'm so much of a believer, I trust too much and that has led me to lose a lot of valuable things and people. 

People that I trust too much end up hurting me deeply in the end.

I have learnt my lesson.


You don't deserve shit. If you want it, you need the might to get it done.

I'll explain.

Life taught me one important lesson while I was growing up. That a Handful of mights is ten times better than a truckful of right.

When I was growing up, I believed that there was some force me righteousness in the world, maybe God or use universe, which give powers and authority to those who were doing right.

So when people treat me bad, or bad things happen to good people, I'll feel so sad and begin to questioned God, the universe, whoever I thought was protecting, I'll questioned them why they would let those bad things happened to good people. I feel they don't deserve to suffer, they deserve happiness.

But as I grew up, I discovered that you might have the right to life but that won't stop a bullet coming at you. Or a right to education but you have to get to school. Therefore, for every rights we think we have, we have to develop enough might to make our rights stand because no universe will come to our rescue.

If you think about it, I'm very happy I discovered it, because it kinda put me in the position to do things I believe is right and also prepare to protect my interests/rights.

So, yes life taught me that I don't deserved shit, so I shouldnt complain or question the universe when things go wrong.

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One lesson life has thought me is that if you don't get up and work for the future you so desire, it will never come to you.

That it is not just enough to have faith in God, without waking up to put in work, make efforts and fight to achieve what you want, that God can't just help a lazy *"faithy"* man.

That if you don't open your mouth and speak up, your freedom will be taken away from you. That if you don't set boundaries on how people treat you, many will take you for granted.

That no one is interested in what you're passing through or your current struggles, except for your success. They want to know what you've achieved and not the number of times you fail. Nobody gives a fuck about your struggles!

That you're actually wasting time and life if you're living your life to please others at your own detriment.


People are crazy as fuck!!

Never trust anyone!! People are not always what they seem to be..

Anyone can be anything and do any thing at anytime. So don't vouch for anyone, even your most trusted friend can sell you off for the right price.


Life has taught me never to give up on anybody it's only time that will tell because I have come to realize that people whom you think nothing good would ever come out from,or those you have written off can become better personalities in the future. So never give up but keep encouraging them. Thanks,

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Nothing is set in stone


Never to look down on others. Life has taught me this lesson a long time ago. That one is uneducated today doesn't mean the person will remain that way forever. That you are better off to someone today, doesn't mean you will forever. Always have it at the back of your mind that no human is better than another. The story might change at any given time. The world is a free lane where anyone can overtake anyone. 


don't judge. Everyone has their own story. You might think you know their story but you can not. Just like no one knows your whole story.