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WHat can make you fall out of love?

There are so many things that can make one fall out of love. The fact that you are crazily in love with someone doesn't mean you cannot fall out of love with the person. These few things and more can make you fall out of love, no matter how much in love you are with the person.

  • Lack of Communication: Relationships thrives on communication. Lack of communication can make you fall out of love with the person you are in a relationship with. You are supposed to have communication with each other, pouring out your heart to each other. Once the communication starts reducing, you start falling out of love.
  • Trust Issues: So you say you love your partner, yet you cannot trust him/her? This can actually make you fall out of love with the person or vice versa. If you don't trust him/her, you'll always be accusing them of something or the other. This will definitely make them feel bad and start having double minds towards you.
  • Negligence: Remember what you did to get her? Remember how you looked when he got you? Because you feel you've finally gotten him/her, you start neglecting so many little things you used to do that made him/her fall in love with you.
  • Cheating: When you or your partner cheats, it can make the other person fall out of love.

All these and many more can make you fall out of love.


A good question!!

Talking about love, oh love is so strong that sometimes you might not be able to resist from it even though it comes up with some unfavourable situations.

When one is in love,one can be able to resist anything just to get love.

So concering your question that what can make you fall out of love. They are lot but 70% cannot kill love totally but i vowed on 20% only can only put an end to this.

I will list some of this which can take love out totally

*When violence come into love: though not all violence but when love get to extent of you beating your partners on time bases it can kill love finally.

Violence can even grow to hatred where the partners can hate each other. That will finally kill love.

Hope i tried in answering your question.

Thanks for reading!!


At first am drawn to a girl by her physical appearance and probably her decorum at the friend zone. So if in a relationship I realize the girl doesn't actually have the quality I want for a future partner, this automatically makes me fall out of love. Characters like, being a supportive partner, someone who appreciate and sometimes understand her wrong and apologize.

When communication is lacking it becomes another reason why I may easily fall out of love. The Truth is, communication strengthen relationship as you get connected via words and care from the other persons. Communication works in such a way that portray care from the next person, so automatically it build chemistry and create more avenue for the spouse to gain more knowledge about their spouses.

Distance is another factor why I can fall out of love. I have tried a relationship in school which later resulted to a distant relationship and gradually with time, things started to fall apart, it get stronger when we meet but fall apart when we are afar.