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How do you deal with an extremely jealous neighbor who spies on you and copies everything you do?

Its really interesting question.

But I am going to deal with then.In society every people have own right. We should not also do same that people are try to with us If they feel happy to copy our anything than we should not tell anything or avoid. And if anyone jelous wih us we should try to friendship with or try to friendly behhave with them.And if they don't want then just I will avoid then for both peace.But I am not going misbehave with them

Because we need to live peacly and need spread love not hateness or enemy.

Because I trus if someone will give one hand for friendship from real heart no ne can avoid that.

Thanks a lot for your question. ..


It's simple. Continue living your life and keep them being jealous.

As long as they are not confronting you or doing anything stupid.

In fact, if they are copying you, it means you are their role model so just keep doing your thing and let them keep getting jealous.


Jealousy is a compliment that you achieved something that people can envy. Copying is another compliment like the English expression:  "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery"

But, the spying part is creepy. Hopefully that neighbor of yours don't spy while you doing your private activities.

In short, just put everything in a positive frame and all of it will have a positive outcome.


This is actually an interesting question, especially now that our society is pressing too much on originality and persecuting "copy cats".

Well, my simple answer to it is to "KEEP INNOVATING".

In this situation, the one who tries to copy everything that you do is someone who is insecure. A person who is not contented on what he/she have in life.

The good thing about it is that you don't really have to deal about it. For as long as you feel secured about everything that you do, there is no need for you to prove anything. The only challenge is get away from frustration knowing that somebody is jealous about what you have or do.

That's it! Just keep-on on your life and don't even bother to mind his/her "business".


We are all jealous people, but when it gets to extremes then something is wrong. Extremely jealous neighbours may have esteem issues and they sincerely need help. Some of them even do better than you, yet they cannot just be satisfies with it. My suggestion is that you pray for them and keep showing them love. 

Be deliberate to appreciate them for what they do well in a bid to probably build more of their self worth and values.

If you fail to do something about it, some can get to the extremes and it may affect your wellbeing. Remember, they are your neighbours.


I go ahead living my life because I have always been someone that does not care about what people feel or say about me. Being able to do something and be copied means I am someone's role model. Which means I have helped someone develop his life.

I know myself very much that I don't have the time to jealous a neighbour. There are one hundred and one things I need to do with my time which includes hustling cash than sit back to envy or jealous another being.

Finding out I am being envied or someone is jealous of my lifestyle will only make me keep being myself with the consciousness that I have impacted a life by showing him the new trend. 😀

About the matter of spying, if he has the energy to spy then thumbs up for him.


 When someone is jealous on you, it means you gained something worthy to be envied and imitated. 

How I deal with it is plain and simple. I will continue to do what I am used to do and continue to live my life the way I want to. As long copying my actions does not do me any harm, then they are very welcome to imitate me. But once it brings harm to me and my family, then that is another story and will be dealt accordingly.

But so far, if someone imitates me, I would feel happy because the mere fact that they are imitating my actions mean that I am ahead of them.


Don't worry about it. All those uniqueness you think you can attain are merely allowance given to you by your gardeners. Look forward to swapping stories about the quality of the crap you happen to both own. Enjoy discovery how to make your same item work better for you. 

If they are mocking you, then that is a different thing. There might be privacy issues with your shared spaces. Water mellons try to take up lots of space sometimes. We slash their... oh uhh, no... don't slash anything, ever..., obviously... bye. 


I admit it's difficult to deal with such neighbor because I had such an experience. More than 10 years ago, I have been selling mobile phone loads, and nobody has been in such business in our community. Hence, my business is doing well. After few months, our neighbor who is a relative tried to compete with me. We also have other business which he imitated. If he noticed someone will go to us, he will call them to come to him.

Another neighbor also tried to join the competition. I decided to stop with my business and leave it up to them. Of course, I was annoyed but I can't do anything about it. It's their right.


Il tell him straight up, do those type of nonsense again and i will come personally in your home with a small team and remove every information you gathered of me, and make sure that he must never do that again. Talking with people who do those things will not help, police will not help either and the only thing what will help is showing your neighbor... the FORCE!

No BS,i got a wife and a daughter of 16 and if he did that i would go crazy!


Actually in this situation, it may seems tough to cope with many but as long it is threatening your live. I will say the best thing you can do is to continue the way you feel best for yourself and let them continue to remain jealous or envy about you.

Maybe as time goes on, they might become tired and stop jealousing and if it still continues, maybe God want to use that avenue of jealousy to change their life or teach them a lesson also.



In my own case, if i find out that my neighbour is jealous of me, I'll be proud of myself. It's therefore means I'm higher than the person in everything.

I'll enjoy the moment while it last. It's not a simple thing for one to live or attain to a stage where another is jealous of or copying. It's takes alot.

If my neighbour is spying on me, jealous of me or even copying everything I do, it means I'm famous, my reputation is up to standard. So I'll do all it takes to keep it that way.

Such behaviour from my neighbour is a clear indication that I'm living a great life worthy of emulation.

But on a negative side; I will be extra careful with my life. My neighbour being jealous and also spying on me to copy everything I do, that's creepy, so I'll try to be extra careful.

How to deal with that, I'll live my life, but with care. Someone spying on me, it's not really cool. I could relocate or still live there, but I'll take care alot.