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How did you join Steemit?


I joined Steemit in late January this year thanks to my colleague @marlyncabrera, she was my next-door office neighbor. She had just joined and was very excited about the potential of the platform for people like ourselves (university professors). Her sister and brother-in-law had joined thanks to @wilins (who, by the way, should be credited for having brought the Steemit evolution to Cumaná, more than 100 people I know are Steeming because of him) and now it looked like every faculty in campus, especially from the Spanish department, was going to jump in. We were looking for alternative income sources and for some oxygen to keep ourselves intellectually active. Steemit was surely the place to be.

It took me a while to really get actively involved. I had a hard time learning the basics. None in the group knew too much. We did not understand the dynamics, the jargon, or the real dimension of the platform or the amount of time it demanded from us if we really wanted to grow and make some money. The markdown was a killer for me, the whole issue of the images, the voting, but gradually with the support of the veteran users in the group, now constituted as @equipocardumen, we started to feel at ease.

It has been a wonderful experience so far, unfortunately, given the bear market, Steemit did not become the solid extra income we anticipated, but it has kept us being productive in our fields and it has allowed us to explore other forms of expression. I have started to write poetry and short stories, something I thought about for years, but never dared to. I plan to start posting some drawings that I have been working on, drawing being my childhood hobby, abandoned for many reasons.

I am still exploring other projects. I feel I don’t have enough time to do all I want, but I will surely be finding ways to sort things out. I want to start posting on DTube, so far it has been impossible, some issues with internet connection or steps in the process. People tell me it is the simplest thing in the world, but it has not been for me. I have had to upload the videos on Youtube and import the links for my Steemit posts. 

All in all, it has been quite a ride. I can’t imagine myself not Steeming now, but if I leave the country and get a fulltime job, chances are I will have little time less to do what I have been doing so far, which feels like my full time job (with quite a lot of overtime).


I'm a writer. A good one at that and I had just written a beautiful piece for a friend of mine. It was a poetic piece I think and he really loved it. 

He said, "Wow, Juliet you write so beautifully, why not join Steemit and get paid for your write ups?" 

I asked him what Steemit was all about but he obviously didn't have answers to my question as he wasn't even on Steemit. I had to make personal findings and Boom, I registered the second day after reading Steemit's whitepaper and basically all I could find out about Steem. On the third day after my registration, my password was sent to me and the journey to stardom began. 

Ever since joining Steemit, I have consistently and continuously built my profile here and I am proud of myself. I am so happy I joined Steemit and I am grateful to my friend who told me about it.


I join Steemit last year Oct 20,2017 , I was just looking on how to have a google adsense without making a blogsite. Coz i wanted to try to blog and make videos. then one of my firends told me to try Steemit. He told me that Steemit is one good way to blog coz you dont need to secure a Google adsense. No need to pay for a site for a year. Then i ask him how can i earn there without google adsense. He told me to check crypto currency name STEEM and study it.  So i check it and got curious.

Then i tried it at first i dont know how to blog in Steemit , luckily i found some friends and then my Steemit journey starts. Until now im posting in Steemit, Using some Dapps Partiko , Esteem and Dtube. Im happy to know Steemit coz ive learn so many things here and still learning. 

So many things to share here. So lets make Steem go to Moon again..


This started when I made an article about health through Facebook. and a friend who hasn't met for a long time, he comments on my post. he greeted me and said, your health articles are very good, this is very important for the public to know. and he asks again are you now a health worker? I answered yes, I am a nurse. My friend said again, if the article you made is as good as this, I'm sure not only will it benefit many people, but you will also get paid on the steemit platform.

I'm really confused, I don't believe that there are platforms that make payments to people. I think there is no stupid person who gives someone else a fee. I asked him again, are you serious about this? he answered yes and he explained everything about the steem platform.

and I think that makes sense. I also registered at that time. after 1 week, I get a confirmation password from steemit sent via imail. and after 2 weeks I joined the steemit platform I had a steem token in the amount of 7. and at that time I exchanged a Rupiah token steem. I was really shocked and happy. this is amazing. I hardly believe in the money I get through the steemit platform. at that time I began to fall in love with the steemit platform and until now.


I joined Steemit after a friend told me to buy ethereum and bitcoin. I know that makes no sense, so let me elaborate.  Back n 2017, when bitcoin when to 10k and futures launched, around that time, my friend told me to invest in ethereum. I had heard of bitcoin and was a skeptic as i belonged to traditional financial markets and thought bitcoin was a currency and will be banned. little did i know what it was. then once futures launched, i started reading up on it and after 20 days to 1 month of going to articles, videos, i was so convinced about bitcoin being the most powerful innovation of my lifetime, that without looking at any financial charts, i purchased my first small amount of bitcoin, right at the peak. :) i can't say price didn't matter to me, but i wasn't concerned about price when i bought it. then i learnt about ethereum and price fell and i wanted understand the trading aspect of bitcoin. that is when the same friend, who told me to get into bitcoin and eth, sent me some articles from steemit, by a bloke called haejin. I noticed this $value below his post and then i started digging and realised that this was a social media platform where once can earn steem for posting and commenting. I joined in April, 2018 to make money from my writing skills. Little did i know that there are millions like me. My first post for decent upvotes and a payout, all bots and from second post onwards - 0 votes, 0 payout. I started commenting on trending posts, asking people to look at my posts, something i did not think was considered rude on steemit and i thought i was the only smart person doing that :D. Then when i saw no success, i cleaned up the list of people i followed, started following witnesses, people who were posting useful stuff, stuff useful to me, and that is when my steemit journey actually started, so i will say maybe june 2018. that is how is jumped on to steemit and since then have been very active, i have always done a minimum of one post a day, sometimes, 3 to 4. however, i have now evolved and am not that regular on steemit but more the dapps. 


First and fore most, before i had even thought of joining, i saw a post from a friend about a charity event to the home that cares for cancer kids that i had invited her to join as i celebrated my Birthday . She sHared the post on fb and sent me the link, I was so happy that a blogger had written about my charity inspired birthday, anf she had earned more than $100 on that.post. this was in July 2017. At that moment, i thought steemit was a closed relatrd group of bloggers only and joining was through some special initiation of members,so i did not bother to ask and she did not try to initiate.

Later on, i saw a facebook posts as @steemph.cebu started making the monthly bloggers meet ups and initiating more people in, they all looked so professional and with cameras and laptops, so i was still convinced its a close bloggers related thing and joining would not be as that easy so i held back.

This was up untill sometime in November 2017 when a friend posted an add on facebook that read like "Do you want to make good money online by simply bloging ?", this then caught my attention and i immediately messaged the person who posted the add who qas friends to the lady that attended my Birthday charity event.

Her response was quick and eager to show me how, i was invited for a meet up with a few other Newbies at a cute coffee shop. As. She Explained patiently using a Power point how steemit works and how to earn. She answered all our. Questions and cleared my doubts, she even made me the print out that indicated my name and date i joined steemit for my introduction post. She introduced me to other people in the steem Cebu family and that is how my journey on steemit began, and here i am, one year Later.


I join steemit because i got invited by my friend @jodipamungkas. That was in 2017 october. I was in this steemit. I join this steemit in tagging gaming. I always posting gaming. The game are dota 2. Mobile legend and an old game Playstation 1.

The first reason i join steemit because i taught that steemit can earn money from our posting. I am amazed with steemit when the fist time i registered because i earn much money in 2017.

I earn almost 1000 sbd and alot of steem. I am holding this i lost my 1500 dollar because i holding the coin not sell it. Day by day the price of steem is down. But i never give up to daily posting on steemit. Because i trust the team. I trust the team can raise the price of steem.

I trust the team of steemit inc to make this steemit popular in the world. Even facebook will lost heheh.

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 I join Steemit through my friends, they are joined steemit before and said to me I join Steemit because esteemed gives the best reward to the best writer by their own skill. Then I agree to join steemit because I'm not a much good writer but I am still on the level of improving my writing day by day.

When I joined steemit, my interest is developing in writing than I decided to improve my English much as I can. So I learn a lot from Steemit and I makes some kind friends on it. I am very lucky to be a part of this community because I spent my lot of time here and collecting some cryptocurrency coins.

I am also very lucky I got Musing by Steemit discord group. I lukly found Steemit with Musing in the last 3 months and I am know using Musing a lot from Steemit. So I did prefer to join steemit because that's a very interesting platform where we can earn through writing skill. I have a beautician skill and I thought why not I write articles about beauty health. So I decided to write about many beauty tips.

This is a big opportunity for me that I used to it on a regular basis of life. And, I will use in the next spending on time. I never want to leave Steemit & Musing because both are the great opportunity for me. ❤ 


Oops!! This question got me smiling😁. My boyfriend introduced me  steemit. Before now, I was always on facebook chatting and posting things, when he asked me if i get rewarded for whatever post I make? I simply answered him, "my reward is fun" , and then he asked "how about being on the one you could have fun and also get paid?" I was amazed. So I started making enquires from him on how to join that one, which was steemit.

He put me through it all, and here i am. Though am new here, trust me am having fun already from the post i read here and also from the questions and answers people are giving; trust me, it's interesting and insightful.

He asked me how am enjoying it here,, guess what i replied him? I said " baby I love you for bringing me here."

Am looking forward to having more fun! Cheers😉!


I joined steemit because of my husband , he is into cryptocurrency and i got involved  and interested in trading as well because of him. I am thankful that I found out steemit and earns tons of money in the past. It helps me grow, had community events and campaigns to gather a lot of steemians and newbies. Been here since March 2016 and still active ;)


I came to know about Steemit from a post on a forum named thebot.net, the main highlight was a makeup tutorial that earned around $15k.

I couldn't sign up for a while due to some issues with website but after a while finally got a success.

Made tons of articles where my posts struggled to $0.001 (yeah, it was hard). Then after rise of delegations and apps such as eSteem, it became quite easier to earn few cents.

My first 'good' payout was $17 which made me earn around 55 Steem (it was even more cheaper back then).

Last year, I finally crossed $100 payout for first time because of inflation in payouts after hf 18 ( I am not sure but probably it's was hf 18).

That's my little story.


I saw one of my friends buy a photo camera with Steem and that has motivated me to join. I thought it's a good way to earn some pocket money. Steem was worth $4 then though :) She has paid 200 Steem for that camera, a good one. This has convinced me, so I have registered. 

This was in January this year. After exactly 11 months of hard work on Steemit, i could buy a good camera, but I have no intention to cash out, this is a fun and interesting game and I'm planning to stay. one day I could buy a camera and still have a lot of Steem in my pocket. 


I joined steemit about 7 months ago, and I know steemit from an article that explains about making money from social media.

Well, at first (the first 2 months) I felt like giving up on this platform, because ... I can't produce anything.

However, after I tried searching for dApps which was quite easy, I was finally able to make a few dollars easily.