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What's your favorite movie?
My favorite movie is Sweet November. It is a great love movie starring Keanu Reeves and Charlize Theron. What's yours?

I have a few movies that I absolutely love. And have had a lasting affect on me. But the one movie that I go back to all the time is The Crow. 

I love this movie so much. Sadly, it was Brandon Lee's (Bruce Lee's son) final movie. He died during the making of the movie. 

The movie is dark, brooding, and all about seeking revenge. What I love the most about this movie is the soundtrack. The movie uses some of the best grunge bands from the 90s throughout the movie and many of the songs were made specifically for the movie (such as The Cure's song "Burn") which is awesome.

Anyway, this is one movie to see if you haven't already. It's a piece of 90s gold that no one should miss out on.

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my favorite movie is :

A. The Dark Knight (2008)

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I like this film because I can watch this film repeatedly without feeling bored. Besides that, I also have this space in The Joker played by the late Heath Ledger. 

B. The Usual suspect 1995

One of the films ended with the best plot and unexpected. The film flow which consists mostly of flashback also has dramatic and thrilling moments so that the audience does not get bored waiting for the reveal at the end of the film. The film also has one of the most iconic quotes in Hollywood film history that reads like this:

"The biggest trick the devil has ever drawn is convincing the world that he is not there. "

C.  The Shawshank Redemption (1994) 

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The film was adapted from a short story by Stephen King entitled "Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption". This film is also the highest rated film on the IMDB website and it deserves to get it. The film, which is full of dramatic and inspirational moments, also has an ambiguous story like Andy Dufresne really killed or not. In short, this film is a very interesting film and won't bore even though the film has a long running time of 2.5 hours. Besides this film also has one of my favorites :

"Remember Red, hope is a good thing, maybe the best, and there is no good thing that ever dies." (Andy Dufresne) 

D. Shutter Islands (2010)

One of the best films from Leonardo DiCaprio. This film tells about a psychiatric patient who was lost by a detective played by DiCaprio. The end of this film is also one of the best films I've ever watched.


My favorite movie is "The Conjuring"..Starring Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga, they play Ed and Lorraine Warren respectively. The film represents one of the paranormal experiences experienced by the couple, when they meet a family that lives in a house full of evil spirits. It is a fascinating story.


My favorite movie is **"The Shawshank Redemption"**. If I am not wrong Morgan Freeman and Tim Robbinson was starring the movie. It was one of the best movie in my childhood. I can not forget this movie and if you didn't see it yet you definetaly should watch it.


I have several favorites, those movies that I could and would like to watch again.

Some of my favorites are classic movies such as the original Guillever's Travel and Indiana Jones movies.

I also like watching comedy-action kind of movies like Shaolin Soccer, Once Upon A Time in China Movies and some of Jackie Chan's movies.

I enjoy watching live action movies too such as Attack on Titan movies, Superman and Kenshin Himura movies.


My favorite movie is  The Green Mile. Starring Tom Hanks, Michael Clarke Duncan.  He was telling the story of a mysterious and emotional man who looked scary but was very different than he seemed.  It was a very impressive movie.


My favorite movie is either lion king, fire in the sky, rocky4 or interstellar. I know its a really strange mix of movies but that's my life. A strange mix of weird and unpopular topics.


Super Troopers. I love that movie. I can pretty much talk it out the whole way through. I also love Boondock Saints. That is a cult classic right there.