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How can you make a difference in this world?

The common notion for this is 'that difference' has to be something big. But I disagree. We can all make a difference within the communities that we are part of. It can be in our homes, in the office, or in the street through the choices we make.

One can start by observing the community he or she is in and then assessing his or her capacity. One can start asking questions, what's something under my control that I can do something about?

The sad thing I've observed is that people are accustomed to complaining (to feel they are victims) and make themselves feel powerless. This is where the problem starts. When a person feels powerless because of the problems he or she sees, he or she most often than not, will overlook his or her capabilities and consequently won't use them.

Another problem I see is when people 'feel' they deserve something and stop working on solutions. They then become irresponsible of their actions and surrender their power (another form of powerlessness) and just wait (become dependent) for others to provide a solution and stop looking for other ways to contribute. And this feeling of powerlessness infects people around them and spreads like a virus.

But if one becomes conscious of his or her actions and focus on doing things one is good at, stop comparing him or herself with others, and use his or her abilities to contribute to the community, then collectively we can make a world of difference.

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Interesting question and one without any expiry date at least as long as the planet is around and it is not too late. 

I do not know about others but in my opinion, I can and will try to make a small difference to this world by planting more saplings. 

Just yesterday, I watched a program on BBC on how climate change is going to wreak havoc on many countries. There are going to be storms, floods, quakes and what not besides the melting of the glaciers in the icy regions which will hugely impact both the plant and animal population of the world. 

We can yet save the planet by reducing 

  • pollution
  • recycling
  • stop buying factory farm produce
  • planting saplings
  • reducing the use of paper and thus stopping deforestation
  • spreading the message of saving nature
  • making efforts to stop the industries from damaging the environment 

We can do our bit and try to save the world and make it a better place for the future generations. 

Did you know how many bird species are wiped out because of oil spills? 

Angadi(market) kuruvi(sparrow) as known in Malayalam is the Indian house sparrow. This sparrow used to be so common when I was in my childhood but it is practically absent nowadays.  I sure hope it does not become extinct. 


I noticed that in the world today,many people tend to chase riches and ignore morality while doing that,well i can make a difference in the world by making people to be aware that there are many ways they can get rich without abandoning morality,the depreciating level of moral values in our society today is what is causing problem to the world..


You can make difference in this world by changing the lives of poor people and the less previlage people in your community and wherever you find yourself.


It is a human nature to help others and it is the highest urge or motivation to make a difference in Life. Right from great leaders to speakers or great minds have always said that the deepest fulfillment in life comes from the urge of helping others and making this world a better place to live in.

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Yes!! The idea of making a real impact on the life of the people may seem like very overwhelming and an uphill battle. But small steady steps to the right direction can do the real magic. For everything right from studying to cleaning house to making a difference when we start everything seems unclear. But once we get started all seems to go in the right direction and you start flowing with it. JUST THAT THE DESIRE.

Needs to be really strong.

Small Actions is BETTER then NO Actions!!

A lot of people at times end up working really hard and nothing seems to be working out. Whereas on the other hand there are few who do want to bring the changes but the idea and the task itself looks so huge that they don't dare t take a leap. In both the case the result is ideally nothing attained and it gets frustrating for the person. The person feels all the worse when he/she knows her real potential. 

So lets us see what we can do to make a difference:

You should get Personal happiness: The happiness of doing something for others should come from within. When you do little something for others and you see them happy and that truly makes you happy.  Then you are definitely doing the right things. A work done with full enthusiasm and happiness had 100% more chances to be successful. 

In studies, it has been proved time and again that happy people make other happy with 3% and are able to contribute more to the life of others. Once you are happy from deep within, you will make everyone around you happy and that small gesture from you would mean a lot to them. 

Know Thyself from Deep Within.

We all have our different set of goals, interest, and responsibilities. Not just that we have our different set of desires. If you truly want to make a difference then analyze your deepest desires and interest and work to cultivate and refine them. 

The best way to do it, it by spending some time with yourself, take a walk, do some mediation and think over it before you jump in to help others.

Other Then This:

- Always be aware of your feelings and thoughts when you are at your optimistic best. You might get some ideas.

- Take a pen and note it down that what are those things that continue to persist if you do things for others and how and when they increase.

- When is it that you become unaware and those lovely positive thoughts just disappear.

Once you are clear what are your strengths and what are the things that make you truly and deeply happy. Start working on those and you will see your small simple steps will all together start making a lot of difference.