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How can social media be depressing, especially facebook and instagram?

For the most part when people post things on Facebook and Instagram, they are putting their best side forward.  They are showing the side of themselves that they want the entire world to see.  I think on a narcissistic level they also want people to be jealous of them.

There might be a thousand things that happen to a person in the course of a week.  They aren't going to post all of those to social media though.  It might seem like they do, but that really isn't the case.  They are only going to pick the handful of awesome moments from that week to share.  

The reason I say all this is to point out that others might see these handful of moments and start to ponder how awesome that persons life is and how much theirs sucks (according to them).  They aren't seeing all of the struggles, heartbreaks, and other bad things that happen to the person through the week.

This can have a huge impact on people when they start comparing themselves to others on social media.  It can have a really adverse effect on your self esteem and self worth.  

Therefore, I don't think it is actually social media that is depressing, it is the constant need to compare yourself and your life to others that leads to the depression.  The transparency of social media just makes it much easier for people to do this.  

In the past you maybe only saw pictures from the sweet vacation your friend took if you were over to their house and they were flipping through a photo album.  Now with every aspect of our lives being available to share, it is easy to pick and choose the highs that you want to be displayed to the world. 

As humans it is only natural for us to focus on those highs and compare them to the highs in our life.   Being thankful and content with your own life will go a long way towards helping you not compare your life to others as much.  It is always going to happen on some level, but  hopefully not to the extreme that you find yourself spiraling into depression and malcontent.


One of the obvious reason that I cant think of is the lack of genuine personality in social media platforms. Everyone is showing off the part of them that isn't real or the side of their personality that is  sugar-coat by their fantasy of themselves.

Although social networking isn't particularly a bad thing. It's the way we utilized social media is that is making it detrimental to one's social behavior. Some of us would rather spend time behind the monitors / screens of our mobile phones when expressing their social interactions to one another. The act of personal approach to one another is getting lost along the process. 

The social media of the present is becoming like an "AI" personality, it's redundant and consistently repetitive like an algorithm.


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Some activities that occur on social media can make many people to become depressed....

I totally am of the opinion that the social media is really damaging the life of many young minds on different levels....

for example If we take a look at the common negative ways that the social media is being actually used for things like cyber-bullying and also severe stalking, we would definitely already begin to see that many people have become depressed or committed suicide because of those two things which i mentioned above....

Then there is also some things called Sexting or Doxing,these things could have a long term negative effects on the life of a person...

Incase you are wondering what Doxing is,doxing is the actual posting of the personal information of other people in order to actially damage their reputation or hurt them....

Harassment is also a very big issue present on the social media and also the process of actually getting those content removed is also usually a really long and also painful process...

So that is why i believe that by Promoting the safe use and also responsible use of the social media is really critical and important and will help to prevent any form of abuse on the internet but. Sadly, we are living in what i call "click and forget society” and that means many people live their life in a way that are blurred on what is truly acceptable or not in our society...


Okay I can only speak from my very personal point of view here. For me Facebook and social media in general can become depressing when I see how much rubbish there is in contrast to genuine quality content and how many superficial and simpleminded people are around. The good are few and far between. Sometimes to the extent that I do not see the point in using social media anymore and that is kind of sad.

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