How was your experience at Yours.org? Is it better than Steemit?

Actually I first heard about yours.org some weeks ago so I when decide to visit the website to know how it is been done or what it is all about. After going through their FAQs, I later conclude that steemit is still far far much more better than yours.

In yours.org, you are charged some certain amount of bitcoin cash to post a content and also to comment which steemit will never charge a dime for posting or commenting. That is one of the major difference I saw between yours.org and steemit and this reason made me to prefer steemit to yours.org.

So to conclude it, I will say my experience on yours.org was okay but yours.org is not better than steemit. To me, steemit is far far better than yours.org.



From a personal point of view, I think that everything that can be achieved via yours.org can be achieved via Steemit, and sincerely, Steemit already has a larger user base. I think Steemit has more potential because it offers a unique solution to the centralization of the press, storing content on a blockchain, while yours.org developers say "it's harder than thinking about developing your own blockchain ".

I guess both are about different things. The success of your network will depend mainly on whether or not Bitcoin is attached. It's just a platform for people to share their content and get paid for it. But with Steemit, I think the ultimate goal is something more complex: creating decentralized media, creating decentralized cryptocurrency and rewarding curators and editors. Steemit, in my opinion, will be the big winner. Even the founder of Yours.org recognized that Steemit had done a great job in a blog.

It all comes down to marketing. Who can live better will be the long-term winner.