What's the top 10 cryptocurrency that you invested?

For now I haven't used money to invest in any crypto......you know how volatile the system can be,so it's best to do so with money you can loose comfortably,at the moment I invest my time which is on airdrops and bounties.

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Who cares? Shorting is just so much more fun. HODL is for the type of amateurs i like to steal from.


To be honest if you invested in the top 10 cryptocurrencies (top 10 by market cap)


as of January the 1st until now you would have seen a minimum 14% (or possibly more) return YTD. That about 13% than any savings account in a bank but obviously there's risks attached, there is guy who wrote a blog about it and he did exactly that, invested 100$ in each of the top 10. in my experience the top 10 are a good bet if you just want to hold. the price of these coins is expected to boom sooner or later so you probably cant go wrong. Pick one and hold. don't worry about the daily ups and downs and you should see it go up over the course of a few months.

I am not a financial adviser though so better to do your own research and not invest any money you cant afford to loose.