What would you do if you saw your child taking your money secretly?

I would try to find out why the child did that and have a good talk with him or her. Tell the child how you feel about it calmy and tell him or her why you think that it is wrong. Children are able to understand what is right and what is wrong, But it is important to explain it to them. It is not weakness to explain things to children. Severe punishment however would be the wrong way as this would destroy trust. Have a wonderful week.


I would talk to my child in a subtle manner and ask her why she did that. Maybe she did that because she needs to buy something, maybe for a project or what.

I will tell her that stealing is a bad thing and if she needs anything, as long as it is needed, she can always ask me.


I think the first thing to do would be to consider the main reason why they took such money it wouldn't be good to be jumping into actions like flogging them or punishing them children are very sensitive and communication is key in raising them most times a whole lot of parents do not know the mindset and perception of their children it could be that they are not naturally thieves it could just be that they have been influenced by someone to actually take that money or that they watch how money is being taken on a particular movie.

Because I think a child who is well fed and well taken care of doesn't actually need to steal and if the turn out stealing something from your home you as a parent need to exactly find out the particular reason why they do so because it is only when you find out the information of the reason why they did it that you as a parent can be able to tackle and fight this negative attitude that your child has cultivated so my first point is information is key and you need information to actually deal with this.

Another thing that you must do when you find your child stealing your money is to take the next step after you must have found out the reason while they stole such money. There are many reason why children steal and take for instance if your child stone because he needed money in order to buy a toy then you have a journey towards orientation since I said communication is key you must take it upon yourself to orientate your child you must let them know that you have to punish them for what they did.

However before the punishment start they must however make amends but before they make amends they must first understand that there is nothing worth stealing for. They must understand these and you must explain to them that there are other means and method to actually get something that you want other than taking it. So the first step is getting them to acknowledge then the second step will be to educate them on the dangers of stealing and the third step will be actually to punish them for undertaking stealing in the first place


I dunno, but I’d probably have to acknowledge it’s karma for all those times I took change from my dad... ha!