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Have you ever thought of implementing blockchain in a different field than cryptocurrency?
With the growing popularity of the blockchain platform, have you ever thought of using it some other applications, maybe real life situations, other than money?
Lots of the top cryptocurrencies already have real-world use cases in addition to the coin or token from the blockchain.

Taking some of the more well known examples:

* VeChain (VEN) works with supply chain management, tracking products with unique characteristics and dealing with authentication / counterfeit issues.

* Augur (REP) is a prediction market platform so could be used with insurance or risk management as well as gambling.

* Steem (STEEM) uses the blockchain for content creation as well as having the underlying currencies.

In addition the large platforms (EOS, Ethereum, Cardano etc) will have all kinds or real-world uses through decentralised applications and companies built through smart contracts.

I would like to see blockchain used to give a more transparent voice to local communities on local issues. I have a vague idea to implement something along these lines at some point.

Yea, for electing political officers.