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Which way is the best to learn English?
I wonder especially people who speak different languages' answers.

I have said this before and will say it again that the best way to learn a language is to interact with the native speakers of that language. Same holds true for English as well. Having had the opportunity to interact with several professional  linguists and language trainers over the years, I have come to the  conclusion that the most important thing needed to  speak like a native  speaker is to interact with the native speakers of that language.

No  school or training can give you an advantage in learning a language  like staying and interacting with the natives does. I say this from  experience of learning from the natives and being multilingual and  fluent gives me a certain understanding of what I am saying.

Languages  like English, Spanish, Arabic, French, etc. also have the distinction  of being spoken in several parts of the world. That means that you don't  really have to travel to UK to learn English the way I recommend. You  can do so by being in the US, Canada, Australia, etc.

Obviously this is just one of the ways of doing what you asked, and I am pretty sure that there are several other effective methods available as well.


The only way is to be around people speaking that language every day. This is the quickest and best way.

Learning by doing a course a couple of hours a week is difficult and it is easy to forget what you learnt over the previous weeks.

My niece went and studied in Brazil for a year and she is now fluent in Portuguese now. She has now been living in Korean for two years and knows Korean fluently. It takes time to immerse yourself in that culture and come to terms with the language.

I spent a month in France and I know it isn't a long time but I picked up bits and pieces and know if I spent two years (slow learner lol) I would know quite a bit more than to just get by. It is in your face every day and you have to start thinking like the locals do. We think when we are translating in our heads and that is what has to change. When you are thinking in that language you are nearly there.

If you really want to learn English go and spend some time in an English speaking country. People will help you more than you can ever imagine as they will admire you for trying.


The Best Way to Learn English - Who doesn't know English? Wow, in the global era like today, English is like everyday food. We can see written or audio in English everywhere. Starting from writing on electronic products, advertisements on the streets, advertisements on TV, even many foreign films that have entered Indonesia. As time goes by, English has indeed "mastered" almost all parts of the world. Although it does not become the main language and native language, at least English has been included in the education curriculum, including in Indonesia. Therefore, English is called international language. And, we, as the Indonesian nation's shoots, cannot be outdated by English.

Although our native language is Indonesian, business and education competition out there requires us to master English. For example, for those of you who are going to study abroad, the international class does not use the local language of the country but English. Including overseas college entrance requirements, requires prospective students to have TOEFL or IELTS certificates.

It's still not too late so you are good at English. And don't worry because we will share some of the best ways to learn English. yo, check it out ^ _ ^

Is learning English directly to an English speaking country the best way? of course yes. Just like learning to cook, we must practice immediately with experts every day. By being in an English-speaking country such as in America, London and Canada, we can immediately practice English every second. Because there, there is no choice but to speak English. However, not all Indonesians can get the opportunity to live abroad. Especially constrained by costs and time. But don't worry, because the best way to learn English is not just to live abroad. There are several common ways that we can also master English well.

1. Familiarize yourself with English

Still afraid and lazy with English? Get rid of all the fear, shame, laziness, doubt, and so on! because one of the keys to good at speaking in English is to familiarize yourself with the international language. Whether it's verbal, written and thoughtful. First, getting used to verbally means trying to speak English every day, even if a little. Even though it only reads English writing, or just greets friends with English, you must speak English every day. Second, getting used to English in writing means that every day we have to try to write English. Can be in the form of daily notes, daily jurna, Facebook, twit, Instagram, blogging, and more. Whatever is in your mind, try to pour it in English writing. Third, get used to the mind Try to talk to yourself, or commonly called selftalk and do it in English. So, whether it's in mind, writing or even speaking all in English.

Familiarizing yourself in English can also begin with the habit of watching English movies without Indonesian subtitles, or using English subtitles. Or, you are accustomed to hearing songs and reading English lyrics. In order to add vocab at the same time, you can attach motivational words or vocab-vocab in the form of small memo paper taped to the wall, in cabinets, mirrors, and other places. That way, we become familiar with English.

2. Prepare a Dictionary

English dictionary is a weapon in learning English. Without a dictionary, how do we know what the word in English means? The current English dictionary is very easy to get, even free. That is by utilizing you