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CRYPT-INNOVATION: 4 Smartphones friendly with the blockchain ​​technology?

There is no doubt about blockchain technology becoming popular in our world today even though there are lot of careers attached to this same technology field as a result of technological advancement. When considering this, there will also be a need of tools or gadget to utilize such a serendipitous technological system which happens to be blockchain technology.

Even though there are some limitations to using smartphone in assessing blockchain technology I am quite sure some great developers are working on such project. The fact still remains that smartphone is very friendly with blockchain technology and I am actually a witness to such claim. I do make use of my smartphone to run various blockchain applications and I also transact on blockchain using my smartphone.

The little limitation I have on my smartphone when it comes to blockchain technology is the inability to write blockchain codes or building blockchain blocks which can't easily be done with my small smartphone though but I am quite sure that there are actually some developers working on solving such problems.

A friend of mine told me recently how he was able to mine some cryptos using his smartphone. There are lot of smartphone users accessing the blockchain technology as a result of advancement in technology and I am so happy that blockchain is now taking over the world.

In conclusion, smartphones are friendly with blockchain technology but it actually depends on the type of smartphone you are using as it functionality tends to differ depending on the processing power of your smartphone.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps.