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What do you have to say about Bitcoin rising up to $10,000USD for the First time since March 2018?

Bitcoin has proved that cryptocurrency is here to stay and nothing close to being a scam. There is hope for is to see bitcoin at 20k this year

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I think that even at $10,000 it is still undervalued for now. I also think that as it gets closer and closer to it's all time high those resistances will start to get harder and harder and we may see a few scary dumps here and there. Many people got burned at the end of the last bull market and there will be a lot of people determined not to let that happen again. We're getting into uncharted waters here and as it goes up timid investors might start taking their money out, especially the ones who bought in early on and are now,finally, sitting on some presentable profits compared to what they might have been on last year. There's some money to be made in some of the stronger altcoins however and i think as bitcoin slowly creeps up towards its previous ATH the new money coming into it will slow and people will start to look to the altcoins as a source of profit and then we will see some steady gains on strong projects (i wont mention any as i am not a financial adviser).

Eventually Bitcoin will break it's all time high i believe but i dont think it's going to be the meteoric rise that many believe, it will be ups and down for a while here as wary investors test the waters - not wanting to miss out but scared to get burned. 

Would i advise someone to buy into bitcoin just now, yes i probably would but i would tell them to be ready for a damn bumpy ride.

(Note: As i mentioned i am not a financial adviser, nor am i offering financial advice. I am simply stating my opinion. Please do your own research as bitcoin is a volatile market. Never invest money you cannot afford to lose.)


It merely shows that the blockchain is here to stay, and not simply a scam like early doubters made it out to be.

More importantly, it shows that the 'Bitcoin cycle' is gradually entering its maturity phase. What this means is that user interest and acceptance in the coin and crypto generally is sure to double.

Finally, for those who had faith enough to invest during the period of low prices, they will be rewarded with quite a handsome dividend for their efforts