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If tonight will be your last, name 3 dishes that you would like to eat? Why?

Tacos. Spaghetti. Thai.

Cuz they’re probably my favorites.


Fried rice and spicy fried chicken

Pizza and Holandia Yogurt drink

Starch and Banga Soup with Turkey

My oh my. I love these dishes. I'd have them anytime anyday.


I am not sure whether I am gonna choose to waste my time eating some of favourite food if I can know tonight is my last!

But yeah, I can guess what you actually mean it by saying this.

I am a South Asian and I love all the rice based food. Do you heard of 'Biriyani'? Its made with aromatic rice and mutton. I would love to have a full plate of it from my favourite restaurant. 

Second dish would be my favourite pasta with beef, enriched with onion and chilly. I love this flavour so much that I try to have it in a week. But its flavour does not get old or boring to me.

Third would be my mom's special vegetable with dried fish. She used to prepare it with eggplant, chilly and any dried fish (available in my country). It is very spicy, you may would cry out how hot it is and you may do not like the smell of the dried fish. But as I used to eat it from my child hood and my mother is an expert to prepare this dish. So I am sure I am gonna have this for the last time. 


I would eat spaghetti spicy chicken and korean barbecue. These are the 3 dishes that I would like to eat if it will be my last . All these 3 foods are my favorite . I can always eat these by myself . I love eating so I think I can eat as many as I can. It is kinda sad to think that it would be my last day but in my own perspective now . I always eat as if its my last day and I am enjoying my life to the fullest . Last day is sad but for now I am not ready to think about it but anyway this is my answer. :)



Kuey tiao Kia



KFC, Kansas city BAR B QUE, and some cajun Jumbalia. 

you would have greasy delicious chicken, sweet bar b que ribs and spicy cafun food. 


Wow that is a tough one. I think I probably go with some sort of fish. Then I would definitely go with spaghetti cuz I love that stuff. And then I would probably go with some barbecue.