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Some experts claim that GMO are safe for consumption, do you believe on it? Or you would rather go for the organically grown food? Why?

First off when you make statements like this you show that you have no understanding of what a GMO actually is. It stands for 'genetically modified organic' and is, by definition, crop foods that are genetically modified. Which, you know, is pretty much everything these days.

Corn would be practically inedible without the GMO process. Carrots and other root vegetables would be smaller, watermelons and similar vegetables would have less flesh inside of them. Crops are being modified to survive in climates they normally wouldn't be able to in order to increase global food stocks, modified to be more resistant to fungi, pests, and diseases that might otherwise decimate a harvest.

What most people mean when they say non-GMO is talking about big companies like Monsanto, which you can Google yourself. They have shady business practices at best and are do stuff like sue neighboring farms whose crops happen to get cross pollinated with theirs because that's just how nature works.

Organic food is also not always safer, as a lack of pesticides and such also means sometimes things get into the food that slip through the cracks. And because they grow a large amount only to get a smaller harvest due to not using the standard methods of protecting the crops they also become extremely expensive. My roommate got a $250 gift card to a local organic market as a Christmas bonus from his work so we went shopping for our weekly groceries there. At the normal place we go to depending on how much we need it can cost us anywhere from $50-$75 per week for enough groceries to feed the both of us. The organic place? Over twice that for less than half our usual amount of food and we still needed to go to the regular place to get some things afterwards. It's not sustainable for people on minimum wage working more than one job just to pay rent.

So yeah, I'll take the scientifically modified food that we've carefully cultivated to be bigger and better over some overpriced organic nonsense.


Those experts are lying.

We dont have enough data to claim this, because the gmo (all kind of) is relatively new science, and in practice, we use it since a few decades, and be honest, despite the common concerns, there are not so much research about consuming the gmo-food.


Organic foods are not necessarily safer.